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Quality content you can trust

Having hundreds (or even thousands) of reviews is great, but only if it’s quality content. Longer, in-depth, and vetted reviews prove way more valuable than a plethora of mediocre one-liners (we proved it). And it’s not just about reviews, it’s about providing comprehensive product information to buyers up front, like interactive demos, pricing, and security documentation. That’s how TrustRadius gives you more value than the other guys.

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WTF is a Decisioning Platform?

Increase your TrustRadius product profile page visibility by 50% with just five quality reviews

On traditional review sites, you need thousands of reviews just to get noticed. For us—and for buyers—it’s a quality play. That’s why our brands find more success with each review—and therefore don’t need scores of them.

Plus in-depth, genuine reviews give you richer content to repurpose across your marketing channels. You can flood the market with customer proof points easier.

Are you ready to get your customers on the record at scale? We’ve put together this free resource that will help you start driving reviews and scaling your customer voice programs.

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4 reasons to collect customer-generated content

Competition is fierce. We help you stand out from the crowd with genuine narratives documenting real experiences with your product. You can get started for free! We’re here to support you when you’re ready to take your efforts to the next level.
Get user reviews your buyers can trust

We are committed to being the most trusted and useful B2B technology decisioning platform. No fraud or bias here. All TrustRadius reviewers authenticate via LinkedIn or their work email address before writing a review. Then, they’re asked to answer a series of questions about their product experience, including both pros and cons and how the product is used at their company. Boom. In-depth, authentic, customer-generated content at your fingertips.

Enable buyers with practical reviews

On average, buyers read two to three reviews in a session. They often look for reviewers that are like them, including role, company size, and industry. 54% of reviewers are named on TrustRadius. TrustRadius created a scoring system that doesn’t let cherrypicking inflate product scores or ratings. You will beat out the competition when buyers trust your brand during the research and decisioning process. If you let your customer feedback do the talking, buyers will listen.

Respond to positive and negative reviews

77% of products have a one-star review by the time they reach 100 ratings and reviews on TrustRadius. That’s okay. Negative reviews help give buyers confidence they’re getting the full picture. We encourage our vendors and other community members to comment on both positive or negative reviews. Leverage your reviews not only to help buyers, but also to engage with your customers. You can do this all for free when you get started by claiming your profile. (Important: Vendor staff may not comment on reviews of their competitors’ products.)

Let customers tell your story

100% of buyers want to self-serve all or at least part of their journey. Even more compelling, 40% of buyers said that “having to contact sales for a demo or free trial” makes them less likely to buy. You can add comprehensive product information to your TrustRadius profile, like pricing, interactive demos, security documentation, video content, and more. All TrustRadius customers can customize review questions to support your narrative.

Make your TrustRadius profile the gold standard

1. First things first–claim your product profile.

Many SaaS companies never claim their profiles on review sites. Remember: 55% of buyers report having consulted reviews during their journey. You might think simply being listed is good enough, but if you want to increase your brand preference and generate revenue, you need to make a decisioning platform a part of your marketing strategy.

Claiming your product profile on TrustRadius is free, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Click below to claim your profile.
  2. Log in using LinkedIn or your business email address.
  3. Start filling in your product profile within the vendor portal.
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2. Get noticed and selected over competitors.

Tech buyers struggle to discern the difference between products as marketers often say very similar things and make the same claims. TrustRadius can help brands differentiate themselves by asking the right questions to highlight the key differentiators of your product in reviews. Coupling these in-depth, vetted reviews with comprehensive information about features, pricing, and use cases will help your product stand out amongst competitors. It also sends a signal to buyers that you’re putting their needs first.

18 minutes
Time reviewers spend writing reviews on average
>300 words
Average length of review

3. Brush off your SEO best practices.

When you have quality content straight from your customers, you’ll want to share it everywhere. Embedding customer reviews and quotes to landing pages and your website will increase both traffic and conversion rates.

  • Matillion saw a 70% conversion and a decrease in cost per demo by ⅓ by adding TrustRadius quotes to landing pages
  • IBM saw a 15% organic traffic increase, ranked for 10 new keywords, and had an overall CPC savings of $8,252/month by implementing TrustQuotes for Web
  • M-Files had a 52% conversion lift by adding TrustRadius quotes to landing pages
  • Veeam saw a 70% conversion lift by incorporating TrustRadius quotes on their request- a-trial landing page

4. Drive qualified leads to your website.

Buyers who are evaluating your product on review websites like TrustRadius will likely visit your website afterward. You can provide accessible CTAs on your product profile to drive buyers to your site and continue their journey.

Monthly software buyers to TrustRadius' site. 54% mid-market and enterprise.
11 minutes
Time buyers spend comparing products on average

5. Leverage unprecedented intent data to increase pipeline.

When you partner with TrustRadius, you’ll get access to downstream B2B buyer intent data that represents buyers actively researching your product or competitors’. You can not get this high-fidelity intent data anywhere else.

IBM triggered two alerts in Gainsight via TrustRadius intent data resulting in increased net retention from 100% to 122%, and was the top-performing alert in 2020.
Planful’s pipeline conversion increased by 60% year over year after leveraging TrustRadius intent data.
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How to Generate Leads with Intent Data

Benefits of TrustRadius Downstream Intent Data

  • Build pipeline faster by reaching in-market buyers actively researching you 
  • Don’t miss another deal by engaging buyers considering your competitors but not you 
  • Boost ad performance by delivering relevant content based on intent data
  • Boost ABM effectiveness by increasing engagement from named accounts showing intent signals
  • Add relevant accounts in your ICP to current target account list by finding active in-market accounts reading reviews on your product, your competitors, and your categories
  • Enable sales to prioritize the in-market accounts with timing and context
  • Increase deal acceleration and win rates by knowing when active accounts are researching pricing and features
  • Monitor customer retention for churn risk
  • Upsell products when customers are actively researching your other offerings.

Incentives and the impact on B2B reviews

Transparency to buyers

TrustRadius has taken a leadership role in the B2B technology community when it comes to transparency. We track and disclose the use of incentives for review generation. This not only provides transparency to technology buyers but also ensures FTC compliance for reviewers and vendors.

Our promise to buyers
What is the role of incentives?
  • Increase customer response rates overall
  • Increase participation from a diverse set of users (rather than just advocates or detractors)
  • Motivate reviewers to spend more time on their reviews
  • Yield a more diverse, representative, detailed set of opinions and experiences so buyers get what they need to make a confident decision
Incentive disclosures

TrustRadius uses its best efforts to determine and disclose the use of incentives. We track incentives using codes embedded in the invitation, and reviewers are prompted to disclose whether they have been offered an incentive to write a review during the review authoring process.

FTC review guidelines
Incentives and bias

Incentives may be used to motivate reviewers to participate. However, they may not be used to drive a particular response. Reviewers are required to confirm that any incentive received is not contingent upon positive ratings or the language used in their review. TrustRadius will not publish any reviews with incentives tied to particular responses.

Why we reject reviews

Get more visibility and boost revenue generation

1+ million monthly visitors

Did you know that TrustRadius garners over one million active B2B buyers on our platform every month?


Buyers use our platform to research products like yours.


We always recommend leveraging as many avenues as possible to boost your visibility and get the most traction possible.

Unique B2B audience

TrustRadius has a unique B2B audience and limited overlap with other review platforms.


  • 20% overlap with G2
  • 14% overlap with Capterra
  • 10% overlap with Gartner Peer Insights
  • 5% overlap with PeerSpot
Buyer influence

Our active buyers have high influence in their organizations and are ready to make a purchase.


  • 75% of our buyers are managers, directors, VPs, or C-level (B2B disconnect data collected Sept. 2021)
  • 54% of our buyers are mid-market and enterprise accounts (TrustRadius Intent Data Q1 2021-Q1 2022)
  • 56% of our buyers plan to make a purchase decision within three months (B2B disconnect 2020 data)
Quality reviews matter

That’s how we beat the other guys in views and traffic every single month.


  • Our traffic per category page per month (263.3) is higher than G2 (225.8 SEMRush Feb 2022)
  • Our traffic per product page per month is higher than other review sites (103.2 TrustRadius vs. 71.2 G2 vs. 16.6 Gartner)
  • Our traffic per comparison page per month is much higher than other review sites (10 TrustRadius vs. 4.3 G2 vs. 3.5 Gartner)
Level Up Your Review Quality With Our Review Growth Kit

Whether you’re a review generating wiz or novice, this review growth kit will enable you to start capturing your customer’s authentic voice at scale. All it takes is 5 reviews to increase your product’s visibility on TrustRadius by 50%!

By building a review generation program on TrustRadius, you’re able to leverage customer voice from quality reviews across all of your marketing efforts. Quality matters, and TrustRadius makes it easy.

You can get started for free. Download our review growth kit and starting generating customer reviews now. You’ll gain access to complementary plug-and-play templates, and learn:

  • Why quality reviews matter
  • How to get started on a review generation campaign
  • Goal-setting with realistic campaign expectations
  • Best practices for promoting

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“TrustRadius reviews go deeper than other review sites that simply ask for a rating, but do not take the important next step of asking WHY. There may be review sites that provide more in-depth or longer reviews, but usually, that requires a phone call, which is a more difficult ask of people being reviewed. TrustRadius is a great sweet spot of information product and the effort needed to get a review.”

Manager in Marketing Computer & Network Security Company