ZoomInfo + TrustRadius: The Integration We’ve All Been Waiting For

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Grace Wells
March 18, 2024
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ZoomInfo + TrustRadius: The Integration We’ve All Been Waiting For

Kiss revenue anxiety goodbye with ZoomInfo’s contact-level intelligence and TrustRadius downstream intent data

Are you ready to capture contact data for people at the accounts showing intent for your products on TrustRadius? The time has come. We are thrilled to announce our long-awaited partnership with ZoomInfo. Learn more about how you can leverage the power of ZoomInfo Sales and TrustRadius to:

Identify buyers showing intent to purchase

Quickly match the accounts that are researching your product(s) (or your competitors!) on TrustRadius with decision maker contact information in ZoomInfo Sales’ platform.  

Prioritize outreach to high-value, in-market accounts

Focus your time and effort on the target accounts most likely to convert. Easily create target lists of accounts researching your competitors’ products’, your product, or your category on TrustRadius.

Get ahead of churn with customer intillegence

Know when customers are researching other solutions and what they’re looking for so you can personalize your outreach to mitigate churn and improve upsell and cross-sell rates.

Action outreach all from one system

No more manually exporting and uploading from system to system. Build segments based on TrustRadius downstream intent data and sync outreach directly from ZoomInfo Sales or your preferred outreach tool.

Accelerate the buyer’s journey

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Build a targeted outreach strategy guaranteed to convert based on down-funnel buyer intelligence from TrustRadius.

Ready to get started?

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