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Make your reviews your most powerful multi-channel marketing tool with TrustRadius premium content.
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Premium content assets help you:

  • Get the most out of your reviews. Harness the voice of your customers and put their influence to work cross-functionally and across multiple marketing channels.
  • Build brand trust. Establish trust with buyers through third-party authenticity and validated user reviews.
  • Shine amongst the competition. Highlight your differentiation and deposition your competitors with TrustRadius data-backed proof
  • Boost your market position. Show exactly why you’re a market leader, or emerging market disruptor, back claims with real social proof from TrustRadius
  • Tie ROI to your customer review program. Pull internal levers to tie pipeline influence back to asset consumption and tie ROI to your customer voice programs.
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Buyers see directly through marketing jargon. With TrustRadius premium content assets, you can leverage TrustRadius’ market authority, and effectively put the voice of your customers to work.

This premium offering is available exclusively for TrustRadius customers and offers third-party authenticated research and insights validated with TrustRadius data.

Customer stories

Customer stories offer a concise narrative of problems solved and results achieved with your product, validated from real reviews. Due to its objectivity, this asset offers more trust and scalability than your typical marketing-produced case study.

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Shareable quotes

Highlight where your product excels over a competitor through the voice for your customer. Leverage real comparison insights on TrustRadius to deposition your competitor and highlight your differentiation.

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Competitive reports

Utilize TrustRadius’ authority and the power of third-party validation to highlight either your stronghold in the market, or your differentiation compared to other relevant players in your category.

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Market positioning reports

Sleek, high-impact quotes from your reviews, co-branded for authenticity. Easy-to-share on social channels or embedded in marketing materials (blogs, 1-pagers, pitch decks, email signatures, etc.).

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Our white glove experience offers:

  • In-house production of your asset (2-3 week turnaround!)
  • Dedicated researcher for market analysis and content recommendations
  • Elevated consultation from your customer success manager

Offerings include:

  • Customer stories
  • Shareable quotes
  • Competitive reports
  • Market positioning reports 

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