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Own your narrative with high-quality, up-to-date customer reviews
Create loyal customers and reduce churn
Keep your best customer proof points at your fingertips
Scale your customer voice with references

Own your narrative with high-quality, up-to-date customer reviews

No one says it better than your customers. Generate in-depth customer reviews with custom questions that highlight the strengths and use cases that help you stand out. Keep your reviews up to date with simple and effective review generation and refresh campaigns. Then use this content in sales conversations and across all of your marketing channels to improve conversion rates and win more deals.

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“Custom Questions help ensure we get feedback on what’s important to us, whether it’s a specific product or use case. This is especially useful if we are planning campaigns around certain areas as we’ll receive content we can then use as part of the campaign.”

Dina Otero / Head of Demand Generation and Growth

Create loyal customers and reduce churn

Prevent churn and seize upsell opportunities with data that shows you when existing customers are exploring other options. Integrate this downstream intent data directly into third party ABM and CRM platforms to optimize ROI.

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“Building custom reports of intent signals for the sales team using the Connector is really powerful and intuitive. This is critical in getting data into the hands of sales so they can take action.”

Dana Dobson / Sr. Campaign Manager

Keep your best customer proof points at your fingertips

Save and organize the most compelling customer proof points from your reviews with TrustQuotes Library. Then access them anytime with the easy to use QuoteFinder Chrome extension. Search by keyword to instantly pull up relevant, highly persuasive voice of customer quotes from your library to validate your claims in marketing materials and face-to-face customer conversations.

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“TrustRadius for Vendors has helped us improve landing page conversion rates and organic traffic through the syndication of TrustQuotes.”

Nathan Huet / Associate Director of Growth Marketing

Scale your customer voice with references

Buyers who leave reviews on TrustRadius can opt in to be contacted and used as official references in the future. This gives you access to a willing pool of current customers who can help you build out case studies, provide more in-depth feedback via surveys and interviews, participate in events, and more.

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“With the help of TrustRadius for Vendors, we are now receiving TONS of useful, truly original information, which comes directly from our customers. This helps us grow in the right direction.”

Darina Prokhorova / Senior Copywriter
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