Marketing Ops

Unify your marketing channels. Boost ROI.

Industry-leading, downstream intent data. Seamless integration with your most critical marketing platforms. TrustRadius is your home base for boosting ROI.

Fill your pipeline with leads that convert

TrustRadius downstream intent data integrates seamlessly with your CRM, ABM, or B2B database platforms. Target buyers more effectively on these platforms to accelerate sales cycles and keep your pipeline full.

Get more high quality leads

“The intent data, which flows into Demandbase, our Account-based marketing platform, has contributed to the overall success of our ABM initiatives, which in turn has directly resulted in increased pipeline.”

Nolan Clemmons / ABM Manager, PrismHR

Keep your finger on the customer pulse

Averaging over 400 words per review, TrustRadius user reviews are the most detailed and in-depth of any tech review platform on the web. Use the best customer content from your reviews across all of your marketing channels to differentiate your solution and move buyers through the funnel more quickly.


“Instead of having our sales development representatives calling upon ice-cold prospects, we… factored in the intent data provided by TrustRadius… This resulted in tripling the volume of set first time meetings with prospective customers.”

Nolan Clemmons / ABM Manager, PrismHR

Target the right buyers with advanced deal intel

TrustRadius downstream intent data is more granular and more complete than other review platforms’ data. See who’s researching your solution, who they’re comparing you to, and which features they’re most interested in. Use this data to more effectively segment and engage buyer audiences with highly targeted messaging.

Target in-market buyers

“TrustRadius for Vendors is an awesome platform for building consideration with in-market buyers, especially if you are targeting mid-market or enterprise organizations.”

Nathan Huet / Associate Director of Growth Marketing, EveryAction