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How Groove bolstered its review strategy and became the #1 viewed product in its category
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Rising above the competition

“TrustRadius is a key part of our Inbound marketing strategy. 80% of the buying process happens before a prospect talks to a sales rep, and buyers trust the extensive detail that TrustRadius uniquely provides. In 2022, Groove eclipsed our competition, and we are proud to be the most researched sales engagement platform in our category.”

Kristin Hersant
VP of Marketing

Became most viewed product in their TrustRadius category (March-April 2023)

Increasing brand awareness and brand preference

Challenge: Reach and engage more in-market buyers


  • Worked with TrustRadius to generate quality reviews using custom questions to highlight differentiators.
  • Continued quality review gen throughout the year to keep content fresh and raise visibility

Results (April 2022-April 2023):

Growth in quality reviews
New reference candidates
Share of TrustRadius category traffic

TrustRadius Brand Preference & Brand Awareness Playbook

Create brand preference, increase discoverability, and get noticed in a crowded market. TrustRadius customers are tapping into tools like custom questions and content syndication to get the right customer reviews on the road, drive demand, and improve SEO.

Stand out on TrustRadius

Increase your visibility on TrustRadius and outrank your competition with consistent sourcing of quality in-depth review content.

How to ask your customers for quality reviews
Increase Discoverability & Conversion

Syndicate review content on organic and paid landing pages to improve SEO and increase conversion rate

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Leverage Customer Voice

Leverage review content across channels to influence purchase (email, ads, signatures, decks, and more). Reviews are a top stop on the buyer’s journey.

7 ways to leverage reviews
Establish Brand Presence

Utilize custom questions to get your differentiation story on the record—told by your customers. Drive demand to target personas with a story that resonates with them.

Build credibility with buyers

Find and win more in-market buyers

Stop buying leads that don’t convert. Actually reach in-market buyers that are researching you on TrustRadius now. Schedule a demo today to see all the ways TrustRadius can help you find and connect with motivated buyers to sell more.