163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up​

We surveyed women in the tech industry to shed light on the power imbalance and ask about their experiences, inspirations, and challenges.

These stories are individual ones, but they are not unique. They resonate. They will move you. They will spark conversations.

They will change the way you see the women you work with every day.


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Who cares about 163 voices in an industry of millions?​

This report is not about stats. Humans connect through stories, not numbers. So this report contains vignettes from smart, capable, brave women in tech, discussing why they joined tech, their greatest accomplishments, the discrimination they’ve faced, how they address bias, how they evaluate potential employers, and who inspires them.

So, who is this report for?

Do you work in tech? Are you a woman in the workplace? Are you a man in the workplace? Are you a leader in a tech organization?
This report is for you. Download it. Devour it. Think about it. Show it to someone else who needs to read it.

Have your own story to share? Take our survey, or share your story publicly with the hashtags #WomenInTech, #163Voices and #TruthSpeaks

“There is nothing more powerful than women coming together in all facets of life, business, personal, etc. So thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Ghaz Jahromi​, Sales & Partnerships Manager, PodGroup

“Thank you for doing this! I appreciate the voices you highlighted and hope this report will be shared far and wide.”​

Karen Kelly, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Alchemy Systems

“Thank you for pulling these very personal accomplishments and experiences together. Much work remains in creating an unbiased work environment.”​

Patti Soch, CFO, Datical

“It’s so inspiring to read about so many women sharing their experiences and stories. History is changing because of initiatives like these.”​

Alicia Chacon Gomez, Consultant, HumanizaTech

“My mind is blown. Every leader in tech needs to read this.” ​

Vinay Bhagat, Founder and CEO, TrustRadius


Download the report