5 Tips for Generating Reviews at Your Event

Leigh Kellner
April 22, 2019

5 Tips for Generating Reviews at Your Event

sciencelogic symposium 2019

Hosting a user conference is one of the best ways to get seriously good face time with your clients. However, it may be a missed opportunity to get deep product feedback from attendees. But how do you actually get this done? Look no further than how ScienceLogic has partnered with TrustRadius to translate that face time into real product insights at their event ScienceLogic Symposium.

Today’s B2B software buyers rely heavily on reviews in their decision-making process. Reviews are the second most used information source in the buyer decision making process, only surpassed by product demos. As an organization, reviews can add value across teams. Internally, your sales team can use reviews as customer references, your marketing team can tap into unbiased UGC for campaigns, and even your product team can incorporate the provided feedback. There’s a whole lot more where that came from – check out our latest B2B Buying Disconnect Report for the full research.

Customer events bring together some of your most engaged and product-knowledgeable users. So why not offer the opportunity to provide feedback? Here’s 5 things you’ll see at the ScienceLogic Symposium that you can learn from to drive valuable reviews at your next:

1. Create a welcoming space for reviewers

Events can be stressful. Lots of meetings, sessions, and sales pitches can leave you feeling ragged. If you’re looking to get clients engaged in review writing, creating a comfortable space is a must. At this year’s ScienceLogic Symposium we’ve set up a review lounge where users can sit down, relax, and write their reviews comfortably.

2. Location, location, location

Creating a welcoming space for reviewers is important, but ensuring the review station is where your customers are it paramount to success. Within ScienceLogic Symposium, TrustRadius will be located in the Logicians Corner – their user hub for the event. Research from the B2B Buying Disconnect shows that 73% of customers are happy to share their honest experience with your product. Now you just have to create a space for them to share.

3. Incentivize reviewers

Who doesn’t love a reward? Offering an incentive for taking the time to review your product is a surefire way to get people excited. When reviewing products with TrustRadius at events, clients get a $25 Amazon gift card for every published review.

4. Provide tools for success

This may seem obvious, but have review collection tech at the ready! We’ve found that reviews created on laptops with keyboards are of much higher quality than reviews collected on tablets. ScienceLogic Symposium will incorporate devices on site for users to write in depth reviews.

5. Integrate reviews into your event marketing

A good event review collection strategy doesn’t start and end on the event floor.   ScienceLogic has integrated calls to action and other information into their event marketing – from in-app notifications, post presentation callouts, to including writing a product review in onsite event contests.

By collecting reviews at events, you’ll generate lasting content from high-quality users that provide future buyers with the information they need. Now that’s driving value with events!

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