TrustRadius Introduces New Review Snippet Feature to Add Stars to Google Search Results

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Mark Barrera
September 16, 2020
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TrustRadius Introduces New Review Snippet Feature to Add Stars to Google Search Results

Today TrustRadius is excited to announce a new feature that enhances visibility for your site in Google’s organic search results.

The new feature in the TrustQuotes for Web content syndication tool allows TrustRadius customers to enable review snippets for organic results. Once enabled, this feature transforms organic search results by displaying your current TrustRadius star rating and your total ratings and reviews count below each ranking URL.

What Do Review Snippets Do for SEO?

The stars enabled by the TrustRadius review snippets feature allow your brand to stand out in search results for keywords that you already rank well for. For keywords on the first page of Google that don’t already rank #1, this feature gives you a quick and easy way to drive more organic traffic via an improved click-through rate (CTR). Studies have shown that you can see up to 35% increase in CTR when you enable stars in the search results. After enabling this feature, some of our customers report improved rankings as well.

These results come in addition to the SEO benefits derived from using the TrustQuotes for Web widget, which displays authentic third-party review content from TrustRadius on any page on your site. Because this content is fresh and keyword-rich, we’ve seen the TrustQuotes for Web widget lead to an increased volume in keywords that those pages rank for. We’ve also seen improved rankings for keywords that already rank well.

As explained in this video from Google, the search engine sees and indexes this review content on your site and uses it to evaluate your pages for rankings in search. This is why working with the highest quality review content from TrustRadius can help power your SEO results.

How Do I Activate This New Review Snippet Feature?

The review snippet feature is now available for use with any TrustRadius subscription that includes TrustQuotes for Web.

  1. Login to your Vendor Portal on
  1. Click on the “TrustQuotes” tab. 
  1. Click on “TrustQuotes for Web” in the left-hand sidebar.
  1. Click on the “Actions” button next to the TQW you would like to enable the stars structured data markup on and click “Configure” from the drop-down menu.
  1. Toggle the button next to “Google Review Stars Enabled” to the “on” setting. It will turn green when it is on. Make sure you click the “Save” button at the bottom of this page to save your settings.
  1. Resubmit URLs to your own Google Search Console. Google ultimately decides when and if they want to display the stars in the SERP for your domain. The time estimate could be anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks. The best thing you can do is follow our guidelines for setting up the widget, testing that the structured data is indeed working on your widget, and then resubmitting all URLs on your website where you have implemented the TQW with stars into your own Google Search Console for reindexing request by Google.

Interested in learning more about this feature or about other ways TrustRadius can help power your SEO results? Contact us for a demo today.

Cheers to improved SEO with this new feature!

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Mark Barrera headshot
Mark Barrera
Mark leads the Audience and Review Generation teams at TrustRadius and is a seasoned digital marketer on both the agency and brand side. Mark has a passion for educating others on digital marketing best practices and is the founding Chairman of the State of Search Conference ( and past President of the DFWSEM and Social Media Club of Dallas. He has led digital marketing efforts for sites such as PCMag, Mashable, and countless other websites over the last 15 years.