How LogicMonitor Boosted Account Engagement by 81% with TrustRadius Buyer Intent Data

How LogicMonitor Boosted Account Engagement by 81% with TrustRadius Buyer Intent Data

Today’s B2B digital buyers are more empowered than ever.

  • 87% want a self-serve experience on their terms
  • 47% use review sites to make side-by-side comparisons between vendors and share relevant details with key stakeholders
  • Buyers are typically 57% of the way to having made a decision before ever engaging with a salesperson 

To reach these new-age buyers, B2B marketing teams are deploying account-based marketing (ABM) strategies that target in-market buyers to drive higher engagement and more conversions.

This was the market landscape facing the growth marketing team at IT infrastructure monitoring software company LogicMonitor. The growth marketing team leveraged downstream intent data from TrustRadius to connect with an in-market enterprise audience researching products in the networking monitoring category. The team used this data to focus on two goals: build awareness with key accounts and accelerate deal cycles leading to revenue.

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The challenge 

When LogicMonitor rolled out a new company-wide ABM program, the growth team faced two challenges while building their target audience: build a larger pool of aware, engaged accounts and shorten the long deal cycle.

LogicMonitor decided to integrate valuable downstream intent data to fuel its ABM campaigns. This would enable the growth team to augment its account-scoring strategy with high-quality, in-market accounts already researching LogicMonitor’s products on TrustRadius and conducting side-by-side comparisons with its competitors.

“We had access to intent data from other review sites, but it was never used for ABM,” said their growth marketing lead. “The relevance of the data from TrustRadius makes their intent data super impactful.”

The drivers of success

With 1.2 million people visiting TrustRadius every day, buyers generate strong and reliable signals on their intent to purchase. These signals help predict where the visitor is in their buying process and what they will likely do next. Having generated 170 in-depth product reviews in less than a year, LogicMonitor was already investing in keeping its TrustRadius profile and reviews current to keep the buyer signals coming. 

LogicMonitor used the TrustRadius intent data to match visitors to its profile and reviews with open opportunities in Salesforce. From there, they built customized account lists to personalize their marketing and drive higher engagement rates. 

LogicMonitor chose LinkedIn ads as the primary acquisition channel. The team designed their ads with the TrustRadius Top-rated and Best customer support award badges featured prominently in the creative. They tested serving ads with different messages across various segments with the goal of increasing engagement and driving accounts through the buyer’s journey.

The ABM display ads performed well above benchmarks, showing 2x lift across the board. The ads brought in a significant number of qualified new accounts to the website only a few weeks after the campaign launched.

“Our customer ratings and awards from TrustRadius make us stand out,” social media team lead. “Showing ads with badges to an audience familiar with both brands really improves ad performance—especially to later-stage audiences.”

The results

LogicMonitor wanted a larger pool of engaged accounts and accelerated its deal cycle. Ultimately, the team successfully used the entire TrustRadius platform, from generating reviews for customer quotes and award recognition to downstream intent data to generating tangible results for its ABM campaigns.

  • The team achieved an 81% increase in engaged accounts, a key performance indicator of ABM success
  • Display ads saw a 2x lift across the board for top-, mid-, and bottom-funnel campaigns
  • Target accounts also showed a significant shift down the funnel; accounts in the Qualified stage decreased by 58%, with accounts increasingly moving into the Aware (up 35%), and Engaged stages (up 81%) 

LogicMonitor’s results prove that having a holistic strategy across the entire TrustRadius offering improved overall marketing effectiveness across the buyer’s journey. 

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