Introducing TrustQuotes for Salesforce

Julie Neumann
November 2, 2016

Introducing TrustQuotes for Salesforce

Today, we are excited to officially launch TrustQuotes for Salesforce. Our new integration improves deal velocity and win rate by putting your most trusted customer proof right at the fingertips of your sales reps.

The key to successful sales enablement is ensuring your team can easily access the right content at the right moment. Until now, that hasn’t been a simple process. The first hurdle is creating or finding content that is both trustworthy and relevant to your prospects. Then you need to get it to the sales team and help leverage it, all without disrupting their workflow.

TrustRadius now solves both of those problems by integrating our trusted review content with Salesforce. TrustQuotes for Salesforce automatically syncs your most powerful review excerpts into your CRM and intelligently suggests the best quotes based on your record data.

With the right content, right within their Salesforce instance, your sales reps can close more deals faster. TrustQuotes for Salesforce helps your team:

  • Drive higher response rates by quickly and seamlessly personalizing outreach emails with applicable customer quotes.
  • Advance deals with authentic customer reviews that reinforce key product strengths and competitive differentiators.
  • Streamline reference checks by providing targeted, relevant, third-party user reviews.




There are two key components to TrustQuotes for Salesforce — the Salesforce interface that surfaces review content within your CRM, plus the TrustQuotes Library that powers your content within TrustRadius. We’ll walk through the library first, then show you what your sales team will see inside Salesforce.

Curate Your Content

A one-stop shop for managing your TrustRadius reviews, the TrustQuotes Library allows you to create custom tags, process reviews, search through all your customer proof and more.


Highlight Your Best Quotes

Inside each review, you can pull out the best quotes and add tags that align with the way you sell. More than polished soundbites, review excerpts offer your prospects an insider’s view into your product features, ease of use, implementation, customer service, competitive differentiators and ROI.


Approve & Syndicate Reviews

You can also add additional tags at the review level, such as industry, persona, use cases and competitors in the deal. Once you’ve selected your quotes and added all your tags, you can promote the review content to sync with Salesforce.


Get Recommended Quotes

Seamlessly integrated in your record detail page, TrustQuotes for Salesforce automatically suggests review excerpts based on your custom tags and fields from each lead, opportunity, account or contact. This eliminates the need for tribal knowledge and is especially powerful in prospecting.


Search Full Quote Library

In addition to recommended quotes, users can filter, sort and browse all approved review excerpts from your TrustQuotes Library within Salesforce.


Select The Right Quotes

Simply check the box next to the quotes you want to use. Selected quotes will be saved to a clipboard along with details on the reviewer, their star rating and a link to the full review.


Copy & Paste Seamlessly

Whether you send emails from within Salesforce or paste into another client, all the associated review information copied from your clipboard will appear. Plus there is no need for approvals since the content is already licensed for use in your sales and marketing channels.



Ready to get started?

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, TrustQuotes for Salesforce is now available on the AppExchange. Request a demo or drop us a line at to learn more.

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Julie Neumann
Julie Neumann was the Director of Content Marketing at TrustRadius, where she focused on educating and engaging our vendors. A journalist turned tech marketer, she has built programs at Yahoo!, MapMyFitness, Bigcommerce, Clearhead and more. Julie has an MA in journalism from the University of Texas and a BA in English and Economics from Vanderbilt University.