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New Guide: Everything you need to know to launch a 5-star review program

Julie Neumann
September 15, 2017

New Guide: Everything you need to know to launch a 5-star review program

Marketing and selling B2B technology isn’t easy. Bill Macaitis, who has led marketing at Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce and is now a TrustRadius board advisor, coined a phrase that instantly resonated with our team:

B2B is a tough beast. You’re not selling in one day, you’re selling over months. People have never done so much research, often times before they even reach out to you, and during that process they want to hear from real customers. To the extent you can provide that to them, you are going to build trust. And trust is key, especially for a SaaS company where more than half your revenue could be coming upgrades and expansion. Building trust early is so critical to long-term success.

Study after study has made it is clear that today’s B2B buyers want to hear from other users. It is also clear that the traditional ways of connecting users with buyers aren’t enough. Prospects know that gated references are cherry picked, plus they hard to manage and a tax on valuable customers. Case studies often feel more like marketing assets than an authentic glimpse into the customer experience, plus they take a tremendous amount of time and resources to produce. Customer videos can be impactful, yet they require exponentially more time and resources than a written case study.

Third-party reviews are the scalable, efficient and effective answer to connecting buyers with customer insights they can trust. They have become a critical component of the marketing stack, and we believe that every vendor should have a formal review program. That is why we created our new ebook, The Definitive Guide to B2B Reviews. It covers many of the best practices we’ve learned from helping hundreds of leading technology brands launch and scale their review program, including:

  • Setting the stage for a successful review program
  • Establishing your presence on review sites
  • Asking your customers for reviews
  • Scaling your review base
  • Responding publicly to reviews
  • Sharing insights with your organization

Get your free guide to get started with reviews today.

If the steps in this ebook seem overwhelming, remember that TrustRadius can do the heavy lifting for you. Check out our products and services or request a demo to learn more.  

About the Author

Julie Neumann
Julie Neumann was the Director of Content Marketing at TrustRadius, where she focused on educating and engaging our vendors. A journalist turned tech marketer, she has built programs at Yahoo!, MapMyFitness, Bigcommerce, Clearhead and more. Julie has an MA in journalism from the University of Texas and a BA in English and Economics from Vanderbilt University.