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Success Story: Gainsight + TrustRadius

Bertrand Hazard
January 28, 2016

Success Story: Gainsight + TrustRadius

Customer reviews are extremely valuable to Gainsight. Our sales reps use them in competitive deals as a social proof point. It saves us a lot of time and, most importantly, accelerates deal cycles.

Lauren Olerich, Director of Demand & Customer Marketing, Gainsight


Gainsight is a customer success solution that helps businesses reduce churn, increase upsell, foster advocacy and boost efficiency. With more buyers going online to conduct independent product research, Gainsight’s demand generation team realized they needed to harness the third-party proof their prospects were looking for.


  • Prospects were bypassing traditional sales channels and engaging much later in the buying process
  • Marketing needed to showcase Gainsight’s value and success stories in a trusted public forum
  • Sales wanted to streamline their reference process and accelerate deal cycles


  • Drove first wave of ratings and reviews at their Gainsight user conference
  • Increased review volume with the TrustRadius Review Acceleration Program
  • Asked customers to comment on specific features to support the sales and product teams


  • Secured 35 ratings and reviews in a single day at their Pulse Conference
  • Scaled to over 100 in-depth reviews and ratings in their first year
  • Streamlined their reference process by redirecting to TrustRadius reviews
  • Developed a library social proof points for sales to demonstrate market leadership
  • Reduced deal cycles by providing trusted peer insights to potential customers


Gainsight helps businesses grow faster with an award-winning customer management platform. They transform the way companies orient around their customers by aggregating internal and external data, tracking customer health and scaling customer operations.

With more and more prospective clients going online to conduct product research, Gainsight saw that many buyers were bypassing the traditional “Contact Us” form to learn more about the product’s features, pros and cons. Instead, they were gathering peer reviews before deciding on a software solution, just as they would use Yelp to decide on a restaurant.

“Having peer reviews available makes the process frictionless for prospects while allowing us to showcase ourselves against other solutions in our space,” said Lauren Olerich, Director of Demand & Customer Marketing at Gainsight.

To keep up with their prospects, Gainsight began driving reviews through the traditional TrustRadius Review Acceleration Program. They also encouraged attendees at their user conference to submit ratings that were then nurtured into reviews.  Their goal was to get a diverse collection of user insights that could drive demand, supplement traditional references and accelerate sales.

With a robust and growing library of TrustRadius reviews, sales reps who are looking to close a competitive deal use review excerpts as social proof points to demonstrate market leadership. Prospects asking for customer references are now encouraged to check out Gainsight’s TrustRadius reviews. The marketing team is also leveraging review content on their website.

“Before, it could have taken a week to organize a reference call and get on a customer’s calendar,” said Olerich. “Now, we can point them to TrustRadius and they can read over 60 in-depth reviews instantly.”

For more insights into Gainsight’s review program, check out our interview with Lauren Olerich.

About the Author

Bertrand Hazard
Bertrand Hazard was previously the VP of Marketing at TrustRadius. He has over 15 years of experience in product marketing, demand generation, brand and community efforts. Before TrustRadius, Bertrand held leadership roles at Solarwinds, Troux Technologies, Universal Weather & Aviation and NetIQ. He has a Diplome d'Etudes Superieures Europeennes de Management from CESEM Mediterranee in Marseilles, France, and a bachelor of arts degree from Middlesex University in London.