TrustRadius Announces Demandbase Integration

TrustRadius Announces Demandbase Integration

B2B marketers can now use comprehensive intent data and deal intelligence from TrustRadius to boost ABM performance and accelerate deals within Demandbase, a go-to-market ABM platform redefining how B2B companies execute their account-based strategies.

TrustRadius downstream intent data

Buyers on average spend almost 11 minutes comparing products on TrustRadius. They also spend time evaluating product pricing, alternatives, feature scorecards, FAQs, and customer reviews. The time spent on these content-rich pages provides vendors with high-fidelity intent signals about which of their products or competitors’ products in-market buyers are engaging with. This is unlike any other other intent data out there.  

We are excited to partner with Demandbase to integrate our downstream intent data into their platform. This will enable B2B marketers and sellers to focus on finding and winning in-market buyers and aligning their sales and marketing efforts for a more effective go-to-market strategy.

Vinay Bhagat

Founder and CEO, TrustRadius

Demandbase One ABM platform

When TrustRadius’ downstream intent data is integrated with Demandbase One’s AI and machine-learning capabilities, users are able to segment, target, and direct sales efforts to the accounts that will most likely convert to pipeline and ultimately become valuable customers. 

Integrating TrustRadius downstream intent data into Demandbase One is such a natural fit for us. Demandbase Smarter GTM™ is all about using intelligence to focus on the ripest opportunities and engage them with relevance. It doesn’t get much more ripe or relevant than being in-market.

Jackie Palmer

Vice President of Product Marketing, Demandbase

LogicMonitor case study

IT infrastructure-monitoring software company LogicMonitor successfully leveraged TrustRadius downstream buyer intent data to engage new in-market accounts in their Demandbase One platform. 

Using TrustRadius downstream intent data, they targeted buyers researching LogicMonitor’s products as well as buyers checking out their competitors in the ”network monitoring” category. Display ads beat every engagement metric by a large margin, with twice as much lift across the board for top-, mid-, and bottom-funnel campaigns. The most promising outcome was the shift from unengaged to engaged accounts. This figure rose up to 81%, which is a key indicator of ABM success. LogicMonitor’s team is now adding TrustRadius intent data into their ABM program as a key data source.

“The TrustRadius intent audience shows a higher engagement rate than any other ABM segment—accelerating accounts through the buying journey,” says the Growth Marketing Team Lead at LogicMonitor. “TrustRadius intent data and user reviews proved essential for our ABM efforts. It’s time to take it to the next level and scale our impact.”

demandbase one

Get started today—for FREE!

Available today, the TrustRadius and Demandbase One integration is simple to set up and use within a matter of hours. All Demandbase customers can get access to TrustRadius intent signals about buyers comparing their products to competitor products. Get in touch with the TrustRadius team to set up a demo today.

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