TrustRadius Reveals Top Rated Business Intelligence Software

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December 8, 2014

TrustRadius Reveals Top Rated Business Intelligence Software

Austin Texas, Dec 9th, 2014 – TrustRadius, the leading community for professionals to share candid insights about business software, today announced the release of its TrustMaps™ for Business Intelligence software, which rank products based on user ratings and evaluation frequency within two distinct segments: Full-Stack and Data Discovery & Visualization.
Unveiled in its first Buyer’s Guide to Business Intelligence Software, the TrustMaps™ quickly help software buyers locate the solutions most highly rated and adopted by their direct peer group and therefore most closely aligned to their needs.
Each TrustMap™ depicts BI products on two dimensions – likelihood to recommend ratings by users and the product evaluation frequency on TrustRadius, as measured by unique page views. All 530 in-depth reviews and ratings come from authenticated users of BI tools on
Because success is not solely contingent on software selection, the guide includes a discussion of key factors for achieving success with BI software, drawn from interviews with highly regarded independent BI experts.
“The BI technology landscape is in the midst of change and upheaval: Traditional on-premise full-stack tools are being challenged by cloud full stack solutions, and easier to use and deploy discovery and visualization tools” said Vinay Bhagat, CEO of TrustRadius. “Our Business Intelligence TrustMaps™ provide business analysts with a pragmatic approach to identify the best-fit solutions based on product segment, user satisfaction and evaluation frequency on TrustRadius.”
Dr. Barry Devlin, Principal, 9sight Consulting agrees: “Evaluating BI products is always a challenge, given their number and variety. Qualified user reviews and perspectives, such as those offered by TrustRadius in its Buyer’s Guide, provide a highly useful and independent approach to narrowing the choices available and understanding where to probe particular vendors.”
Best Full-Stack BI Software
Based on user ratings and product evaluation frequency, the Top Rated Full-Stack BI products in order of user rating are:

SiSense is somewhat different from the other tools; it might best be considered a full-stack ‘big data’ product since it has been designed to handle large volumes of data efficiently and quickly.

Pentaho and Jaspersoft, two open source BI tools are also rated highly.
Based on user ratings and product evaluation frequency, the Top Rated Data Discovery and Visualization BI products are:

Tableau stands out as the highest rated product in this category, but all of these products are very highly rated and the differences between the user ratings are nominal.

The popular product, Qlikview is also highly rated, but fell below the median rating for the Data Discovery and Visualization segment, which in aggregate achieves higher user ratings than the Full Stack segment.
Additional Insights on BI Software Market

The Buyer’s Guide to Business Intelligence Software is free and available here:

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