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How Veeam Uses Customer Voice to Drive Conversion

How Veeam Uses Customer Voice to Drive Conversion

Veeam’s Business Hurdle

The team at Veeam started using TrustRadius as a tool to build their competitive presence on review sites. Denisa Dan, the Global Marketing Campaign Manager, and Maria Luisa Liuzzo, the Global Product Marketing Manager at Veeam, quickly realized that review content could make a big impact on the conversion power of marketing initiatives. They worked together with TrustRadius to leverage review content in a few ways:

  • Provide prospective customers with unbiased, authentic reviews
  • Offer current customers a channel to leave valuable feedback
  • Increase PPC & landing page conversions with more qualified buyers
  • Drive higher ad conversion through a more human appeal
Denisa Dan, Global Marketing Campaign Manager, Veeam

“In marketing, you have to be where your customers are.”

— Denisa Dan
Global Marketing Campaign Manager, Veeam


Veeam has a very engaged user community, so they were able to drive a substantial amount of high-quality reviews very quickly. Once the reviews started rolling in, Veeam started using TrustRadius content to run tests across their marketing mix and beyond:

  • Adding review quotes in PPC Ads
  • Testing quote placement on landing pages
  • Experimenting with quote widget design
  • Amplify how Veeam products have improved users’ experience
Veeam Example with TR Score
Example of a Veeam PPC ad using a more human appeal.


Denisa and Maria wanted to prove that adding review content to marketing assets would increase conversion—and they were right. When adding TrustRadius quotes to landing pages, conversion rates increased by 2% to 12%. When testing WHERE on page review quotes were most effective, they found that when quotes were placed in the middle of landing pages, rather than at the bottom, they saw a double-digit increase in conversion rates.

Maria Luisa Liuzzo Global Product Marketing Manager Veeam

“People want an unbiased reference point from someone who actually uses the product.”

— Maria Luisa Liuzzo
Global Product Marketing Manager, Veeam

What’s Next

The team at Veeam is dedicated to continuous growth and improvement. While they are still testing quote widget design, with positive results, they will also continue to test and iterate on integrating customer voice into ads and landing pages. Reviews aren’t just used for marketing at Veeam, they also use customers’ feedback to continuously improve their products, solutions and offering. The Veeam team is also planning to work on operationalizing intent data to enable sales, and sharing the power of TR across the organization.

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Veeam’s Review Program

  • 224 Customers on the record
  • 439 Tagged quotes for sales & marketing
  • 7,500 Pageviews since Q1 2019
Veeam 2020 TrustRadius Top Rated

About Veeam

Veeam® is the global leader in Backup that delivers Cloud Data Management™, which includes backup and recovery, cloud mobility, monitoring and analytics, orchestration and automation, and governance and compliance for ALL data. We make sure that data is always available, protected, and actively working for businesses across the globe. This means, regardless of where our customer’s data resides — virtual and physical systems, SaaS and IaaS services, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud — our platform helps hundreds of thousands of companies keep their businesses running.

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About the Author

Adelle Rodriguez
Adelle is the Senior Marketing Manager at TrustRadius. Armed with a CMP and 12 years of experience in marketing, she has built marketing event programs at Volusion, Invodo, and Mercedes Benz/ Daimler that focus on storytelling and providing the best user experience possible. At TrustRadius she manages all brand event programs, the customer event support product, as well as customer marketing. When not marketing, she loves woodworking and baking.