What You Need to Know About Intent Data in 5 Minutes

What You Need to Know About Intent Data in 5 Minutes

The newest buzzword in B2B marketing is intent data, and like most buzzwords, it’s ambiguous and everywhere. 

But why now?

The buyer’s journey is changing, and marketers need to respond so they can find their best customers faster. 

  • 87% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey
  • 57% of buyers already make decisions without ever talking with a sales team 
  • Nearly 100% of buyers make their purchases online 
  • Most buyer research happens anonymously

To reach new buyers, marketers have to rethink their strategy, especially in a world where everything is digital, and they face increasing pressure to find and engage with new audiences. Buyer intent data is a solution that can genuinely change B2B marketing by making it more efficient and effective.

Imagine reaching in-market buyers and sending them relevant messages exactly when and where they are in their journey. You could boost your return on ad spend (ROAS), increase conversion rates, and accelerate the sales cycle—all while improving your bottom line. 

However, intent data has become a broad term with many meanings and definitions leading to confusion as marketers try to capitalize on this new trend. 

That’s why we created this five-minute guide. In that short amount of time, you will learn:

  • What buyer intent data is 
  • What are the use cases 
  • How to get started

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