Create interactive product showcases to generate marketing-qualified leads, personalize sales outreach, and deliver on-demand support.

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About Floik

Floik is purpose-built for SaaS teams to create interactive demos, explainer videos, and step-by-step guides in minutes.

Whether you want to show prospective buyers how your product actually works or delight existing users with personalized, on-demand support, Floik helps you create interactive product showcases effortlessly.

Use Floik directly in your web browser to record anything on your screen, including desktop and mobile apps. Then, you can polish up these showcases with an intuitive editor and customize them for a global audience with AI voiceovers in 20+ languages.

What’s more, you can link multiple Flos as CTAs in a showcase to let users choose their own adventure and explore your product at their own pace.

You can also create a demo center, an onboarding playbook, or a training library with various Flos clubbed in a single folder.

Sharing your Flos is easy with a shareable URL and smart embed code. Once distributed, you can track advanced insights to see the impact of your product showcases.

This to me is a great product with great potential. Let me start from onboarding: light-speed fast. UI design? Great, clean, intuitive. App scope? Much needed. Pricing? Fair and scalable.

Fabio Salvadori, Founder at Wallafan

Floik and TrustRadius

B2B buyers rely on TrustRadius to conduct independent research when buying software. You can add an interactive demo to your TrustRadius profile to give buyers a complete picture of your product.

Add branched CTAs to your main showcase and let buyers:

→ See your product in action

→ Dive deeper into specific capabilities

→ Check out customer success stories

→ Directly book a call with your team


Convert into multiple formats with a click 🪄
Polish up your showcases
Stay on top of content performance

Use Cases

Generate marketing-qualified leads

Generate marketing-qualified leads

→ Embed an interactive demo on your homepage and landing pages

→ Create product-led content and add demos or videos in blog posts

→ Add a demo link to product emails to engage users with a single click

Personalize sales outreach

Personalize sales outreach

→ Capture prospects’ attention with a tailored pitch video

→ Show how your product can solve each prospect’s exact pain points

→ Build a customized demo center to handle sales objections and move the conversation forward

Deliver engaging, on-demand support

Deliver engaging, on-demand support

→ Add step-by-step guides and explainer videos within your product

→ Create and embed product how-tos in your knowledge base in minutes

→ Design an onboarding playbook to help new users get started effortlessly