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Unveiling TrustRadius’ Game-Changing Intent-Driven Leads Program

Grace Wells Headshot
Grace Wells
July 8, 2024
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Unveiling TrustRadius’ Game-Changing Intent-Driven Leads Program

How to use review website data for lead generation

Today’s technology landscape is more saturated than ever before. With so many solutions to evaluate, buyers want real, validated user reviews from their peers in the industry to help them make confident purchase decisions. At TrustRadius, we’ve seen this trend mirrored in our overall traffic growth and high visibility in SERPs. Over 12 million tech buyers visit TrustRadius annually for unbiased insights, pricing evaluations, competitor comparisons, and a lot more.

The rise of buyer intent data

In 2020, we, like many providers, began collecting these engagement activities in the form of buyer intent data and over the past four years, we’ve rapidly grown our demand generation ecosystem to include partnerships and integrations with solutions like Salesforce, LinkedIn, 6sense, Demandbase, Intentsify, ZoomInfo, to name a few. We’ve become an integral solution for demand generation marketers and sales leaders to meet in-market buyers where they’re at in their buyer’s journey, build a nurture funnel, and drive pipeline.

This evolution has skyrocketed TrustRadius well beyond “a review site” to a business intelligence platform that helps buyers understand a seller’s true value and connects the two at the right time. If you’re in the business of driving demand, manage the budget, or are charged with identifying growth levers, downstream intent data is a goldmine.

Leveraging buyer intent for lead generation

Recently, TrustRadius launched our Intent-Driven Leads Program. This new solution does the lead generation work for you. TrustRadius customers can now opt to provide their ICP criteria and any suppression lists, from there TrustRadius runs a nurture campaign for you. The outcome? High-quality leads from accounts actively researching solutions on TrustRadius, including your offerings and those of your competitors. The best part–these leads are ICP-qualified, opted in, and ready for your sales team to engage, saving valuable time and resources.

How does it work?

  1. Engage – Tech buyer engages with you or your competitor’s product listing on TrustRadius
  2. Identify – You provide your ICP, any target account lists, and suppression lists and we use this information as filtering criteria within your category intent data
  3. Convert TrustRadius converts buyers with peer intelligence-driven customer stories or market reports that we produce on your behalf (see samples
  4. Qualify Leads are pre-qualified to ensure they match your ideal buyer
  5. Deliver Opted-in, intent-qualified leads are validated and routed to you via Webhook or CSV

The TLDR; Downstream buyer intent data + quality peer-validated content = leads

TrustRadius’ intent-driven leads program is different from anything else on the market. We utilize our downstream intent data to target in-market buyers in your ICP. From there, we engage and convert buyers with market reports and customer stories derived from your review content. We do the work, you get the leads.

The results so far?

Leading brands like Alteryx, Cisco and IBM have already recognized the value of TrustRadius’ intent-driven leads. By leveraging TrustRadius’ Leads program, these industry leaders have experienced increased conversion rates, account penetration, and scaled pipeline. They understand that in today’s competitive market, companies need to stay ahead of the curve to succeed.

Other providers in the technology review space require customers to bid on leads surfaced in their intent data. With this model, your competitor could out-bid you and the lead is lost, or you over-bid and lose out on budget. TrustRadius’ intent-driven leads program removes bidding completely. Our leads are delivered based on buyer intent activities on TrustRadius. This means you can focus on engaging with leads rather than worrying about bidding wars or lead quality.

The benefits of TrustRadius’ Leads program are clear. By connecting with high-quality, in-market leads faster, companies can reduce their cost-per-lead, drive pipeline growth, and ultimately scale revenue. It’s a win-win for both buyers and sellers – buyers get connected with solutions that meet their needs, while sellers can efficiently identify and engage with qualified prospects.

TrustRadius’ intent-driven leads program represents the future of lead generation. By harnessing the power of user reviews and buyer intent data, companies can unlock a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in their sales and marketing efforts. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated lead generation methods and embrace the future with TrustRadius.

About the Author

Grace Wells Headshot
Grace Wells
Grace Wells is a seasoned marketing strategist with over a decade of experience leading marketing efforts for diverse brands. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their marketing, branding, and ROI goals through thoughtful 360 degree approach to campaign execution. Grace is a tech nerd and loves nothing more than reading up on the latest marketing technology trends. She enjoys advising her clients and customers on which tools will help move the needle for their business.