LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

TrustRadius’ LinkedIn integration allows customers to integrate downstream intent data into matched audience campaigns that aim to dynamically target and convert in-market buyers.

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About LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps companies market relevant and timely messaging to specific audience segments, allowing them to land leads, build brand awareness, and drive website traffic. LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool allows companies to create custom audience segments by leveraging account and customer lists that match to existing LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and TrustRadius

With TrustRadius’ integration with LinkedIn, you can build dynamic audience segments with TrustRadius downstream intent data. You can then use these segments to create ad campaigns that target buyers who are actively researching your product or category on TrustRadius, optimizing your ad spend on qualified companies in your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Audience segments built using this integration are composed of companies that have researched your product(s) or category on TrustRadius. LinkedIn then uses this data to match TrustRadius companies with their corresponding companies on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users who are employees of the successfully matched companies will be included in the LinkedIn audience segment and will be targeted in any ad. Once an audience segment is built, you can use it for LinkedIn ad campaigns. Audience segments are refreshed with the latest intent data on a daily basis, so you are always targeting the most relevant account.

Use Cases

Create a true multi-touch campaign for intent audiences by running LinkedIn ads in parallel and as a complement to display ads. By doing this, customers have shown more impact for mid- to bottom-funnel audiences.