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About Navattic

Navattic empowers prospects to get hands-on with your product earlier in the buying journey through no-code interactive demos. More than 300 go-to-market teams use Navattic across the funnel, from first touch in outbound campaigns, to website product demos and post-demo leave behinds.

Since launching our product tour on our website, Navattic has contributed to 15% of leads that we collect on our site. We’ve also noticed that there is a much higher propensity to convert to being a Ramp customer if a prospect has completed the self-service product tour. In our multi-touch sales approach, our Navattic product tour has played a key role in influencing the buyer journey.

Austin, Product Manager at Ramp

Navattic and TrustRadius

Embed your Navattic no-code interactive product demos into the Product Demos section of your TrustRadius product listing page.

Any TrustRadius customer can add one free interactive demo to their TrustRadius profile.

To see how to add an interactive demo to your TrustRadius profile, review this help article –

To Access your Free Demo:

Click on the “Build one free demo” button to sign up for a Navattic account.

From there you will be able to create one “project” which is equivalent to one interactive demo. Once you have created the project select “Share”. Under “Sharing Channels” you will only be able to select Review Site. From there you can select the TrustRadius source and add that link to your TrustRadius profile.

The interactive demo cannot be used in any other areas of your marketing besides your TrustRadius profile.

If you want more than one interactive demo or to use interactive demos for other use cases please reach out to the Navattic sales team.

Use Cases

Connect buyers with high-value interactive demos

Connect buyers with high-value interactive demos

Enable buyers to take a self-guided tour of your product. Give them a better understanding of how it works and evaluate whether its the right fit for their organization.

Personalize demos for different personas

Personalize demos for different personas

Let buyer explore the features or use cases they care most about. Use checklists so buyers can understand your full product functionality and how it solves their unique pain points.

Highlight soon to come features

Highlight soon to come features

Show customers and prospects a sneak peak of beta or upcoming features. Use screenshots or staging environments to build out demos of non features that aren’t production ready.