Create live demo environments and POCs in seconds.

About Testbox

TestBox gives revenue teams the ability to spin up live demo environments and POCs in seconds, helping you close more deals with less effort and fewer resources than ever before.

TestBox playgrounds sit on top of a live free trial of your product, so they’re always up to date with your latest features and UI. Each is preconfigured with custom data that lets prospects experience your tool as though they’ve already been using it for months, and every playground has a quick links menu that lets leads easily navigate to your most important features.

Sales teams use TestBox playgrounds for prequalifying leads before demo calls, running guided demos, and sending as leave-behinds. Detailed metrics show you who’s engaged with the playground, how long they tested, and which features they tested longest, helping you prioritize who to follow up with and personalize your follow-up messaging.

Marketing teams can embed TestBox playgrounds on their websites and G2 profiles, send links to them in nurture emails, and feature them in retargeting ads. Some customers have even replaced their own free trials with TestBox playgrounds, significantly increasing their conversion rates.

Our customers are seeing their win rates increase by more than 23% when leads engage with their TestBox product playgrounds. Get in touch to learn how we can help you close more deals, shorten your sales cycles, and save your team time and money.

Testbox and TrustRadius

Both TestBox and TrustRadius believe in the importance of empowering buyers to research products on their own. Through TestBox’s integration with TrustRadius, software companies can embed product playgrounds on their TrustRadius profiles, enabling buyers to start test-driving their tools while they’re in the evaluation phase of shopping for software.

Use Cases

Sales Teams

Sales Teams

  • Create customer demo environments in seconds with no engineering help.
  • Send leads a custom POC after a call instead of directing them into an empty trial.
  • See how leads engage with the POC to follow up with personalized messaging.
  • Close larger deals faster; increase your win rate while decreasing your sales cycle length.

Marketing Teams

Marketing Teams

  • Embed a product playground on your website and TrustRadius profile to turn more visitors into leads.
  • Include it in nurturing emails and retargeting ads to reengage prospects that didn’t convert the first time.
  • Replace your current free trial with TestBox to turn more trials into revenue.