Create personalized & interactive product demos that convert leads, speed up sales cycles and close more deals.

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About Walnut

Walnut is the world’s first sales experience platform. With Walnut, B2B sales and marketing teams can create interactive and customized product demos without coding; sellers and marketers can scale their demo personalization, share interactive and guided demos with prospects, and collect insights to optimize their sales cycle; and buyers can discover the seller’s product early on in the process and enjoy tailor-made demos that focus on value.

“Our highest converting marketing leads come from interacting with our Walnut demo walkthrough on the site.”

Michael Canty, Head of Global Revenue Operations at Contractbook

Walnut and TrustRadius

Walnut tracks and surfaces granular analytics on these demo engagements, enabling sellers with better intel as they receive inbound leads, as well as enabling product marketers to optimize their demos over time.

Implementing interactive demos on your TrustRadius page results in higher lead conversion rates compared to previous periods, as well as better conversion rates than competitors who do not offer interactive demos.

Use Cases

Take buyers on a memorable journey

Take buyers on a memorable journey

Enable buyers to take a self-guided tour of your product so they can have a better understanding of how it works and evaluate whether it’s the right fit for their organization.

Personalize the buyer experience

Personalize the buyer experience

Let buyers explore use case-based experiences of your product according to their needs versus showing them generic one-size-fits-all video and screenshots.

Tap into sales intelligence when engaging prospects

Tap into sales intelligence when engaging prospects

Use analytics to track demo engagement and drive the right conversations with prospects based on their interaction with different parts of your product.