Whistic is the network for assessing, publishing, and sharing vendor security information.

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About Whistic

The Whistic Vendor Security Network accelerates the vendor assessment process by enabling businesses to access and evaluate a vendor’s Whistic Profile and create trusted connections that last well beyond the initial assessment. Make security your competitive advantage and join businesses like Airbnb, Okta, Zendesk, Asana, Atlassian, Snap, Notion, TripActions, and G2 that are leveraging Whistic to modernize their vendor security programs.

“Whistic had questionnaires in template form, which enabled us to fast-track deployment. Also, we use the Whistic Trust Catalog to evaluate major vendors, allowing us to evaluate suppliers with Zero-Touch Assessments…Someone recently suggested a new vendor. I checked and found their profile in the Trust Catalog and approved them right away. When looking for a supplier, we start with the Trust Catalog. It makes vendor selection easier and helps us establish trust between organizations quickly.”

Grae Meyer-Gleaves, Chief Information Security Officer at Hollard Insurance Company of Australia

Whistic and TrustRadius

Whistic and TrustRadius have partnered to allow you to add your Whistic Profile link to your TrustRadius product listing. This will enable interested buyers to request access to your Whistic Security Profile. Granting buyers access to your Profile allows them to quickly evaluate your security qualifications, accelerating the security assessment process of the sales cycle.

Note: Buyers who want to view your complete Whistic Profile will still need to request access from you, so you will have complete control over and visibility into who is accessing your profile.


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