Amplifying Your Brand Through Customer Enablement In Sales and Marketing

Keith Pearce, CMO of Alteryx, and Vinay Bhagat, TrustRadius Founder and CEO, discuss sales and marketing strategies that have helped Alteryx connect with their target audience emotionally, grow a loyal customer base, positively influence potential buyers, and deliver professional and personal value to their users.

Topics include:

  • Why humanizing B2B marketing through customer advocacy and enablement drives business outcomes
  • Matching buyer expectations by celebrating the customer
  • How review scores, customer stories, and traditional analysts influence today’s buyer
  • How Alteryx uses buyer intent data to increase demand gen performance, connect in a timely manner with customers on their buyer journey, and match personas

“One of the things we’ve seen in terms of a change in pattern of buyers, is this ‘power of the peer,’ and this ‘power of experiential.’ Buyers want to hear from others like them who have similar problems, are like-minded, and want to be able to experience it, and really, the net of that for me is it’s this desire for an exchange of value. They don’t want to be sold to.”– Keith Pearce, CMO, Alteryx


TrustRadius’ Trust Talks series highlights B2B executives’ approach to building a culture of listening to customers, activating the customer voice, and creating a customer-driven company.


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 Our Speakers

Keith Pearce

CMO, Alteryx

Keith Pearce is a creative high tech marketing leader with over twenty years of cloud and software sales and marketing experience. He has lived and worked across the globe to deliver innovative marketing and demand gen programs using a collaborative and transparent communication style that delivers results.

From his experience, Keith brings a unique global perspective to how he manages both people, business challenges and corporate cultures. Keith’s career spans journalism, politics (senate staffer for Joe Biden), sales and marketing from start-ups to global, multi-national corporations.

His passion for creativity, messaging, digital marketing, presenting, and building brands that make personal connections, weave together his personal and professional interests.

Vinay Bhagat

Founder & CEO, TrustRadius

Vinay conceived TrustRadius after experiencing challenges when buying enterprise solutions at his last company. He founded Convio in 1999, the leading SaaS platform for nonprofits. In April 2010, Convio became a public company and was acquired in May 2012 for $325 million. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he graduated as a Baker Scholar, an MS in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University, and a MA in Engineering Information Sciences from Cambridge University with First Class Honors.