Using Customer Intimacy to Differentiate Your Brand

Using a customer-led approach to marketing enhances customer intimacy and differentiates you from your competitors. In this Trust Talks, TrustRadius Founder & CEO, Vinay Bhagat, Forter’s CMO, Scott Buchanan, and Director of Customer Marketing, David Coates discuss techniques for attracting target audiences today, and growing customer intimacy.

Topics include:

  • Using customer intimacy to reach your target audience
  • Types of formal and informal customer marketing and how they can be used
  • Finding the balance between physical and digital customer relationships
  • Ensuring you’re reaching the right customers at the right time, and how you know you’re doing it right

TrustRadius’ Trust Talks series highlights B2B executives’ approach to building a culture of listening to customers, activating the customer voice, and creating a customer-driven company.


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 Our Speakers

David Coates

Director of Customer Marketing, Forter

As the head of Customer Marketing, David has spent the last three plus years finding different ways to bring Forter’s customer stories to life to nurture relationships and support revenue growth. Beyond Forter, David is heavily involved in the Customer Marketing & Advocacy community; in 2022 he was a winner of an inaugural Customer X Impact Award and named as one of the Top 100 Customer Marketing Strategists. He is also one of the founding members of CAMPBoston, the first peer-led community focused exclusively on customer marketing and advocacy.

Scott Buchanan

CMO, Forter

Scott set out to be a chef, spending hours reducing sauces. Restaurant hours didn’t appeal, and he found his way into tech. Now, as a marketer, his focus has shifted to reducing messages to their core. Prior to leading marketing at Forter, Scott led teams at VMware, Heptio and Medallia. 

Vinay Bhagat

Founder & CEO, TrustRadius

Vinay conceived TrustRadius after experiencing challenges when buying enterprise solutions at his last company. He founded Convio in 1999, the leading SaaS platform for nonprofits. In April 2010, Convio became a public company, and was acquired in May 2012 for $325 million. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he graduated as a Baker Scholar, an MS Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University, and a MA Engineering Information Sciences from Cambridge University with First Class Honors.