Kiss revenue anxiety good-bye by combining downstream intent data and contact-level intelligence to find and win more deals

It’s hard to tell what is a true buying signal from the noise when it comes to intent data. But what if you started each day knowing which accounts were in-market and who from those accounts you should reach out to? Well, now you can. 

Learn how you can optimize your outreach and increase win rates by integrating TrustRadius, a leading software buyer intelligence platform, and ZoomInfo Sales. This integration marks a significant milestone in empowering GTM teams with sophisticated intent data, providing a competitive edge in driving conversions and revenue growth.

Topics include:

  • How to identify prospects and existing customers showing buying intent, allowing for targeted outreach and prioritization
  • Creating targeted campaigns tailored to bottom-of-funnel prospects researching your products or your competitors’ by leveraging TrustRadius downstream intent data 
  • Automating manual processes to streamline workflow and save valuable time for customer engagement and relationship-building
  • Optimizing sales strategies and accelerating the sales cycle by gaining deeper insights into buyer behavior and preferences
  • Preventing churn and finding expansion opportunities 


Learn how you can unlock greater insights, engage customers more effectively, and win faster with TrustRadius and ZoomInfo.

Our Speakers

Matt Stanley

Senior Director of Product Management | TrustRadius

Matt Stanley is a Senior Director of Product Management at TrustRadius, leading the product portfolio for all software vendor capabilities. He loves digging in to solve challenging problems to help software companies and their marketing and sales teams truly leverage the voice of their customers. Prior to TrustRadius, he helped make group travel planning easier at Vrbo, part of Expedia. Whether it’s helping travelers find the perfect vacation rental for their family reunion or helping marketers find the right buyers to target at the right time, he enjoys getting to know his customers and making their lives easier.

Andres Perez

Senior Manager of Product Management | ZoomInfo

Andres Perez is a Senior Manager of Product Management at ZoomInfo, leading product teams focused on integrations. Prior to ZoomInfo, he helped expedite cloud capacity for customers at AWS and connected buyers and sellers more quickly through conversational marketing software at He believes helping buyers and sellers close deals faster creates a positive economic impact for our society.

Sinehan Kerman

Senior Director of Revenue Operations | TIS

Sinehan (Sini) Kerman is Senior Director of Revenue Operations at TIS, leading the team focused on tech stack and process optimization. Sini has served as a CRM/Integration expert at multiple organizations and also teaches business and marketing technology courses at the University of New Hampshire. She thrives on creating alignment across revenue teams while reducing cost and overall helping teams to “work smarter, not harder.”