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Introducing TrustQuotes for Web

Julie Neumann
December 8, 2016
5 min read

Introducing TrustQuotes for Web

Today, we are excited to officially launch TrustQuotes for Web. Marketers can now customize and dynamically syndicate TrustRadius review excerpts, right from within the vendor portal, no coding required.   

By adding third-party social proof to their key site and landing pages, our customers have dramatically improved conversion rates and lead quality. A few success stories include:

  • AlienVault increased conversion by 35% on their pricing request page and 43% on their most popular organic search page
  • TrendKite had a 26% conversion lift on their demo request page and a 14% lift on their competitive PPC landing pages
  • Blackbaud doubled the conversion rate on their product tour page

The new and improved content syndication tool makes it easier than ever to drive these results. TrustQuotes for Web leverages tagged reviews from your TrustQuotes Library to power a customizable widget with customizable content. Beyond embedding two lines of code on your site, no technical knowledge is needed, and widgets can be updated without changing the code.  


Configure Content Streams

TrustQuotes for Web only shows tagged quotes from promoted reviews that have been approved by marketing. The content stream will automatically update as new quotes matching the set criteria are added to your TrustQuotes Library.

To select which quotes will be syndicated, content can be filtered by:

  • Required TrustQuotes tags
  • Overall review rating, only quotes from reviews with that rating or above will appear
  • Reviewer anonymity, to allow quotes from authenticated but anonymous reviewers


You can also select the maximum number of quotes per reviewer, as well as the maximum number of quotes overall, that you want to appear.

To set the order those quotes will appear, content can be sorted by:

  • Preferred TrustQuote tags, to feature the most targeted content first when it is available
  • Reviewer anonymity, to prioritize quotes from public reviewers
  • Review date
  • Review rating


Style Site Widgets

There are two options for the overall visual appearance of your widget. Based on extensive customer feedback and an independent A/B testing panel, the new 3-Up Responsive style is a horizontal display featuring three reviewers per pane. LinkedIn profile pictures will be included when available, and each reviewer can feature multiple quotes, as set in the filters tab. This responsive display also works seamlessly across devices. A simpler Classic style is also available and can be customized with scrolling or paginated navigation.


Other styling options include:

  • Maximum character length for each quote
  • Including review titles and reviewer info
  • Including default TrustRadius header and footer
  • Opening full reviews in a new browser tab

Once you are done selecting the content and styling the widget, you can instantly preview the results within the vendor admin.


If you want additional context for why individual quotes were selected, you can turn on debug mode to see that logic in your preview. This can help you refine your filtering and sorting guidelines.

Create Unlimited Widgets

Create as many custom syndication widget as you want, setting unique parameters for each one so they are targeted for different locations and audiences. Use cases include:

  • Homepage stream with positive and recent summary quotes  
  • Product page streams that highlight key features and innovation
  • Industry and persona streams that feature quotes from specific market segments
  • Trial and demo streams that focus on ROI and ease of use
  • PPC streams built on keywords, such as key competitors or specific functionality


Ready to get started?

Request a demo or drop us a line at vendors@trustradius.com to learn more.

About the Author

Julie Neumann
Julie Neumann was the Director of Content Marketing at TrustRadius, where she focused on educating and engaging our vendors. A journalist turned tech marketer, she has built programs at Yahoo!, MapMyFitness, Bigcommerce, Clearhead and more. Julie has an MA in journalism from the University of Texas and a BA in English and Economics from Vanderbilt University.