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The Most Trusted B2B Technology Awards for True Industry Leaders

Rebecca Kimber
July 25, 2022
Blog, Technology Awards

The Most Trusted B2B Technology Awards for True Industry Leaders

Why our awards are earned, never bought

TrustRadius is the most trusted research and review platform for business leaders to find and select the right technology for their needs. Decision-makers across industries rely on verified, unbiased peer-based reviews and our awards program is no different. 

Our Top Rated and Best Software Awards are given to technology companies that demonstrate excellence based on recent customer sentiment, which is determined by our proprietary algorithm. The Summer Best of and Winter Best of Awards highlight positive outcomes from key insight questions answered by reviewers. Our nomination-based awards are vetted by our research team. Our Most Loved award is based on content analysis by our research team where they identify the products reviewers said they loved the most on TrustRadius. There are no registration fees, you don’t need to be a customer to win, and winning is not based on the sheer volume of reviews a product has on their profile.

How our awards are different

Our awards are designed to help inform buyers’ decision-making based on researcher-vetted peer reviews. There are no fees associated with TrustRadius awards because we want the best products to win. Other technology awards programs have registration fees or require that your company is a customer or business partner. This skews the data to favor technology with deeper pockets, not necessarily what’s best-in-class.  

Buyers want third-party validation, and that’s what they get when they see TrustRadius reviews and awards badges.

  • No fake reviews: Reviews on TrustRadius are from real, verified users
  • No bias: Reviews on TrustRadius give you the full picture, not the rose-colored glasses view 
  • No games, gimmicks, or funny stuff: Technology companies can’t pay for placement or skew the information on our site
  • No black boxes: We encourage transparency from all companies and individuals on our platform and practice it ourselves

TrustRadius reviewers are:

  • Authenticated — All TrustRadius reviewers are authenticated via LinkedIn or their work email address prior to writing a review
  • Verified users — Before publishing a review, TrustRadius research staff verifies that each reviewer has recent experience with the product
  • Objective opinions — While every reviewer has a distinct individual point of view, TrustRadius will not publish any review with a clear bias or conflict of interest. We don’t publish reviews from a vendor’s own employees or those of their competitors. We do publish reviews from resellers, but do not include their ratings in the overall score calculations

Read more about our review vetting process.

A deep dive into TrustRadius awards

Our commitment to providing high-quality information for technology buyers is consistent, whether you’re reading reviews or looking at awards badges.  

We offer four types of awards at TrustRadius.  

  • Algorithm-based awards based on the trScore, an algorithm that uses a weighted average of reviews and ratings and their recency, rather than a simple average, to calculate a product’s score
  • Review sentiment awards highlight positive outcomes from key insight questions answered by reviewers
  • Nomination-based awards are vetted by the TrustRadius research team or picked by industry expert judges, depending on the award 
  • Content analysis-based awards are given to products identified by our research team  

Learn more about TrustRadius scoring.

trScore-based awards

The Top Rated and TrustRadius Best Software Awards are based on the trScore, plus additional criteria unique to each award. 

Top Rated

Top Rated is our flagship award. Winners are chosen directly from data collected from customer reviews, not analyst opinions or paid endorsements. Top Rated Awards are issued annually, and products that earn the award are showcased throughout the year on our category pages to impact and help guide buyers during their initial research process. In 2021, Top Rated Award winners earned double the engagement from category traffic and TrustRadius awards amounted to three million overall views and engagements on TrustRadius alone.

Best Of Value for Price Awards Badge - Summer 2022

The TrustRadius Top Rated Awards consist of three key criteria:

  • Recency—products must have 10+ new or updated reviews in the past 12 months
  • Relevancy—products must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic volume in that category
  • Rating—products must have at least four stars with a trScore of 7.5 or higher

Learn more about Top Rated Award criteria.

TrustRadius Best Software

The criteria to be included on the TrustRadius Best Software list and receive this award is to have a trScore of 7.5 or higher and 40+ reviews between October 1st and September 30th. This highly sought-after award not only showcases the biggest players in their respective space, but also the products that are taking initiatives to capture the authentic customer voice. Not only will badges be given for the overall winners, but products will also be vetted by market to determine them for badges that include “TrustRadius Best Software for Enterprise,” “TrustRadius Best Software for SMB,” and “TrustRadius Best Software for Mid-Market.”

Review sentiment awards

The Summer Best of and Winter Best of Awards highlight positive outcomes from key insight questions answered by reviewers. At TrustRadius, we consider these awards to be our elite award program, since the insights are what buyers care about more (best feature set, best value, and best relationship). These awards are only given to the top three products in their primary technology categories, putting them head to head against their strongest competitors. All vendors listed on TrustRadius have insight questions built into their review flow and showcased on their product page. Helping make this potential award available to every vendor on the site. There are no fees associated with this award. The criteria for these awards are included below: 

Summer Best of and Winter Best of Awards 

TrustRadius recognizes products that have the highest percentage of positive key insights statistics for Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in their primary categories.

To qualify for a Best of Award, a product must meet the following criteria:

Best Of Feature Set Award logo summer 2022
  • Source 10 reviews during the selected timeframe
  • Products will be selected based on key insight statistics found in review content: Best Value, Best Feature Set, and Best Relationship per category
  • To be considered, the product must be updated and accessed through our vendor between January 1 and July 30 for Summer Best of Awards and between July 1 and December 31 for Winter Best of Awards 
  • To be considered for the Best Value for Price, products will need to have their monetary pricing listed and active on the vendor portal
  • Best Relationship looks at key insight data in the product reviews for Would Buy Again, Implementation Expectations, and Sales and Marketing Promises.
  • As needed, additional vetting via textual review analysis will be performed by the TrustRadius research team

Learn more about the Best of Awards

Content analysis-based award

Most Loved

In 2022, we examined a total of 54,184,433 words written about 25,820 different products across 810 categories. Our research team evaluated all listed products and their review content, looking for how often users mentioned something they love about them. Identifying which products are most adored by reviewers means evaluating positive mentions of “love” in all its grammatical forms, and taking out the negative mentions like “would love” etc. Then, product winners are decided based on the percentage of “love” mentioned in the total number of reviews in that given year.

Learn more about the Most Loved Award

Nomination-based awards

Our inaugural CustomerX Impact Awards and long-standing Tech Cares Awards are both nomination-based. CustomerX Impact Awards are persona-based, showcasing customer marketing and advocacy superstars. While Tech Cares is a company-level award showcasing corporate social responsibility initiatives, both award nominations are open to anyone. Tech Cares nominations are vetted by our research team. CustomerX Impact finalists and winners are picked by industry expert judges. There is no nomination fee for either award. 

Tech Cares

Tech Cares recognizes companies that show their corporate social responsibility across the board.

Nomination criteria:

  • To be considered, companies must be in the B2B technology space and be listed on TrustRadius.com
  • Vendors must provide a link to TrustRadius via our ratings badge or content
  • Needs to have one review in the past year to be considered active on TrustRadius
  • Anyone may nominate an organization—including people who work there
  • All nominations must be submitted online by September 1 to be considered
  • Nominations will be vetted by the TrustRadius research team; nominators should provide concrete support for their nomination, including links to examples if possible

Learn more about Tech Cares. 

2021 Tech Cares

CustomerX Impact Awards

Nominate powerhouse performers who have the biggest impact on their organizations’ growth through world-class, customer-centric programs. Nominations are live and CustomerX Impact Award winners will be announced at a live ceremony at the CustomerXCon 2022 this September. CustomerX Con 2022 is THE conference and networking event for pros in customer marketing and advocacy.

If awards aren’t pay-to-play, how does TrustRadius make money?

TrustRadius makes money by helping vendors with review sourcing, question consultations, licensing review content, embedding review content for vendor websites, downstream intent data, and much more. 

Learn more about vendor pricing.

About the Author

Rebecca Kimber
Rebecca Kimber is a marketing specialist focused on awards at TrustRadius. She believes trustworthiness is an essential ingredient in brands that stand the test of time. She has a degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, but she’s spent the majority of her career working in digital marketing. She lives in San Jose, California, and loves being a mom, outdoor activities, and learning about cleantech.