The rise of over-gamification and AI in the landscape of B2B reviews has put the integrity of customer feedback at stake. Watch this webinar as our TrustRadius experts shed light on the difficulties faced by B2B review platforms in detecting AI-generated content and the impact on eroding trust among businesses and users.

Our experts, Katie Marino-Kyle, Research Operations Manager, and Katie Allison, Research Manager, explore the implications of these fraudulent activities and how TrustRadius counteracts these challenges to ensure the delivery of legitimate, info-rich content that empowers buyers in making well-informed technology decisions.

We’ll cover:

  • Rising threat of over-gamification: Why cherry picking customers to only give you 5-star reviews erodes brand trust and deters buyers
  • AI’s impact on review authenticity: Examine how AI-generated reviews pose a significant challenge for buyers, making it difficult to distinguish between genuine and manipulated feedback, particularly at scale
  • TrustRadius’ mission: Learn about TrustRadius’ unwavering mission to counteract these challenges and ensure the delivery of trustworthy, high-quality content to rebuild and strengthen buyer confidence in the technology decision-making process

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Katie Marino-Kyle

Research Operations Manager

Katie graduated from Texas Lutheran University with a Bachelors of science in psychology and biology, with a minor in statistics and has over 10 years in the tech industry including enterprise level companies Adobe and Magento. After five years at TrustRadius, Katie is currently managing our moderation team of 15+, incentive program, and vendor enablement. Born and raised in Austin, Katie is a self-declared pop music princess and data nerd who is always looking for ways to improve our processes.

Katie Allison

Research Manager

Katie is a double alum of the George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs and an MA in Forensic Psychology. At TrustRadius, she leads the team of analysts responsible for maintaining and expanding our taxonomy, and works with other departments to ensure the team’s research expertise is utilized to support our customers. When she’s not at work, you will either find her on an adventure with her two rescue dogs, or on the couch with a new book.