TRUSTimonials Employee Spotlight: Matt Stanley

Kristi Gamboni
May 27, 2022

TRUSTimonials Employee Spotlight: Matt Stanley

trustimonials matt stanley

TrustRadius is a community where technology users, experts, buyers, and providers share insights to drive better business outcomes. This all starts with a platform built and optimized for creating and sharing transparent and trustworthy content. TrustRadius encourages experts to share their knowledge and buyers to learn and engage with their peers. 

But none of this can be done without inspiring and fostering a customer-centric culture based on our core values: T.R.U.T.H. At TrustRadius, we value T.R.U.T.H. in all things. Our team members are:

  • Transparent – We’re transparent in everything—with site visitors, customers, and each other.
  • Respectful – Truth drives every business decision, so every voice matters.
  • Unstoppable – When we’re changing the world, we work fast and lean.
  • Team players – No one can do it alone, so we support our team and win together.
  • Human – In a software-driven world, truth isn’t just an algorithm. Humans make it happen.

This TRUSTimonials series recognizes TrustRadius employees, or TrustRadians, who go the extra mile for our customers on a daily basis. They bring our core values to life with their words, actions, and outcomes. Bravo, team!

Why do you love to work at TrustRadius?

Two of the reasons why I love working at TrustRadius: the people that I get to work with every day and the challenges we work on together.

Everyone here is incredibly smart, but down-to-earth. You see that everyone wants to help each other and see each other succeed—we really celebrate our wins and cheer each other on. It’s refreshing to be part of a team that cares about and supports each other.

Ideas come from across the company, and if you see an opportunity to make something better, you can go after that. The team will rally behind you, lean in, and make it happen.

Who or what inspired you to pursue the B2B career you have today?

I would not be at TrustRadius if it weren’t for our Chief Product Officer, Mike Galyen. Mike inspired me to make the jump from a B2C product role in a larger organization to working on building B2B products for our customers here at TrustRadius. He saw potential in me, helped me understand the opportunity to grow and develop as a product manager, and continually advocates for me and our team to grow both personally and professionally.

How would you describe your job to a class of kindergartners?

My job is to work with a group of really smart people to build things that help other businesses grow and help people buying things to make good decisions.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career in your field?

My advice to someone who is just starting out in product management is to be a sponge. You need to listen, observe, learn, be curious, and ask lots of questions. There is no guidebook or manual, and no one is going to tell you what to do—it’s up to you to take in many inputs and determine what is important. You want to become the expert in your product, and a crucial part of that process is getting to know people. Get to know your team and build relationships with them, and get to know your customers and understand their problems. As you are observing, asking questions, and getting to know people, look for opportunities to find quick wins that help your team and your customers, then build momentum on those wins.

Would you like to recognize anyone who may have helped you in your career?

Prior to working as a product manager in tech, I worked for many years in finance. I decided I wanted to make a change in my career and chose to attend graduate school at the University of Texas to expose myself to other opportunities. It was there that I really learned about product management and decided that was the career path I wanted to pursue. An alumnus from UT, Dan Driscoll, went above and beyond anything I could have expected to help me understand product management. He then advocated for me to land my first role as a product management intern. Making a career switch from finance to product management wasn’t easy, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Dan.

What’s your secret talent or superpower no one knows about?

Something that I like to think is a superpower that helps me both at work and in life is being overly intentional about organization – I like to develop my own systems and tricks for finding and remembering information and things. Being able to quickly find an answer to something (or my keys) helps me help others and work quickly.

Matt Stanley

Matt Stanley

Director of Product Management

As a product manager, I love to dig into and solve challenging problems. At TrustRadius, I have an amazing opportunity to build products that help software companies and their marketing and sales teams truly leverage the voice of their customers. Before TrustRadius, I helped make planning a group trip easier at Vrbo, part of Expedia. Whether it’s helping travelers find the perfect vacation rental for their family reunion or helping marketers find the right buyers to target, I enjoy getting to know my customers and making their lives better. Prior to working in product management, I worked on the trading desk at Fairholme Capital Management and executed our firm’s trading strategy with over $20 billion in assets under management. I attended the University of Miami, where I majored in finance and business management, and received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.


We’re Hiring!

92% of TrustRadius employees say TrustRadius is a great place to work, and as of 2022, FORBES recognized TrustRadius as the #8 Best Startup Employer in Austin, and one of America’s Best Startup Employers! TrustRadius is continuously recognized by it’s employees and the B2B tech community as one of the best companies to work for, and here’s why:

  • We offer incredible benefits. TrustRadians enjoy 100% employer-paid health insurance options, unlimited PTO (we mean it!), equal parental leave, once-monthly self-care days off to rest and recharge, and equity in a growth stage startup backed by top-tier VCs.
  • We’re proud to be remote-friendly. 50% of our company is spread out around the world. We have a new headquarters in Austin, TX, available for meetings or for anyone who lives in the local area and would prefer an office setting.
  • We’re passionate about inclusion. We’re committed to seeing more diversity in the tech industry and we’re doing our part to make it happen.

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