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TrustRadius Announces Expanded Partnership with 6sense

kristi gamboni
Kristi Gamboni
April 14, 2022
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TrustRadius Announces Expanded Partnership with 6sense

When we first launched our integration with 6sense, the leading account engagement platform, users easily accessed TrustRadius downstream intent data to create segments of high-value accounts. Marketers were excited to engage and convert in-market accounts that were showing strong intent on TrustRadius. They were able to add valuable second-party, downstream intent signals to complement third-party, topical intent. With TrustRadius intent data built into their segments, they were also able to increase conversion rates and improve CPA for paid ads. But that was just the beginning.


Customers like Planful, a financial planning and analysis platform (FP&A), up-leveled and scaled their ABM program using TrustRadius intent data and saw these amazing results:

  • 60% pipeline growth 
  • 300% increase in reach and account engagement
  • Increased the buying stage for over 15% of accounts
  • Moved 56% of accounts from awareness to consideration stage

Over 15% of our accounts increased buying stage using TrustRadius intent data in 6sense – it really helps move accounts down the ABM journey.

Emily Ross

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation, Planful

Introducing TrustRadius downstream intent data for 6sense sales intelligence

Buyers today want to self-serve. They do most of their research online and through peer reviews before they enter your funnel. TrustRadius is a leading destination for in-depth reviews that serious buyers use to evaluate and make purchase decisions. Buyers reading long-form reviews and comparing products translate to intent data. These signals indicate down-funnel buying intent and are among the strongest in the market.

Imagine being able to enable your sales and BDR teams to prospect based on in-market buyers taking action on TrustRadius. Now you know who to call on and when!

With our expanded partnership and integration with 6sense, mutual customers can access deal intelligence within their 6sense timeline and Salesforce iframe. Customers can see how often an account is researching their product and what information they are looking at. TrustRadius is the only second-party intent source fully integrated into the 6sense platform.

6sense timeline
6 sense intent data
6 sense intent

How it works

TrustRadius is the only downstream intent data surfaced in the following areas:

  • Account timeline view
  • Sales intelligence tool (Salesforce iframe)

Once incorporated into the features above, downstream intent activities will start influencing your engagement scoring. In order to unlock these features, customers must map their TrustRadius categories and products to their corresponding 6sense products using a new mapping feature. 

The mapping feature allows customers to dictate how TrustRadius’ high-fidelity downstream intent signals should be allocated across your 6sense platform. For a walk-through of how the mapping feature works, watch this video.

6sense map feature

With our end-to-end TrustRadius and 6sense integration, marketing and sales teams can:

  • Prioritize and align on which accounts to target
  • Access more TrustRadius deal intelligence on the 6sense timeline and Salesforce iframe 
  • Engage and advance in-market accounts not yet activated in 6sense, but showing strong intent on TrustRadius
  • Add valuable down-funnel intent data to complement third-party signals
  • Boost ad campaign performance by targeting a high-value, in-market audience

Access downstream intent data from TrustRadius to not only build rich target segments but to get deal intelligence in your 6sense timeline view and Salesforce iframe.

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kristi gamboni
Kristi Gamboni
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