TrustRadius Announces Free Interactive Demos for Product Profile Pages

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Kristi Gamboni
December 1, 2022
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TrustRadius Announces Free Interactive Demos for Product Profile Pages

According to our 2022 B2B Buying Disconnect report, product demos have been the most widely used resource for six years running. While five out of six vendor-provided information sources saw drops in usage from 2021 to 2022, the use of product demos and free trials have both increased in usage by buyers year over year. This tells us that buyers want hands-on experience using your product. However, the traditional process of “scheduling a demo” or “granting a free trial” still requires filling out a form and making contact with a salesperson—something we know the self-serve buyer doesn’t like to do (at least not until they’re ready to make a purchase).

With the rise of product-led growth as a business methodology, it’s no wonder that frictionless entry is much more preferred by today’s buyers. That’s why—in the spirit of buyer enablement—TrustRadius is proud to announce the introduction of FREE interactive demos for product profile pages.

Introducing free interactive demos…for all TrustRadius product listings

That’s right. You don’t have to be a customer of TrustRadius to benefit from this free buyer research tool.

Interactive demos offer prospects a self-guided “tour” of your product, giving them a unique opportunity to explore and evaluate whether it’s a good fit for them. For us, they are a pivotal movement for self-serve buyers in the B2B marketplace, as it bridges the trust gap between buyers and sellers—the benefits are twofold and of equal importance. 

Buyers will gain:

  • the ability to test-drive a product without ever having to contact a salesperson
  • visualization into how the product works

Vendors will gain:

  • opportunities to tailor or personalize their interactive demos to specific use cases
  • rich insights into 1) who is test-driving their product, 2) to what extent, and 3) what their interest level is

With the ability for interactive demos to generate “warm” leads,” they ultimately provide the sales process with efficiencies and cost savings.

Enable buyers to take the next step in their buying journey

The good news is interactive demos are free to add to your product profile pages. The great news is interactive demos on TrustRadius product pages have lead-capture capabilities within the demo itself. This is controlled through the demo setup—giving vendors control over what information users are asked to provide and whether that’s in the beginning, middle, or end of the demo flow. 

How do I get started?

Unlike other review sites, you don’t have to pay us or any of our interactive demo partners to create a beautiful and engaging profile that attracts and converts leads. By adding an interactive demo to your TrustRadius product listing, you can enable buyers who are already interested in your product to better visualize how it works. A strategically crafted interactive demo can help buyers take the next step in the purchasing journey. 

Simply follow these instructions to add your interactive demo to your TrustRadius product listing or visit any one of our six sponsor pages to create your own complimentary interactive demos.

Step 1: Evaluate and pick which free interactive demo tool you want to use. 

Step 2:  Once you’ve created your interactive demo, follow these steps to add it to your TrustRadius product listing. If you do not have access to edit your product listing, claim your TrustRadius profile to get started.

Check out this product tour created for TrustRadius created using ScreenSpace.

Special thanks to our interactive demo partners:


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