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Brand maturity

What kind of brands do buyers purchase?



Size of buying groups

How have buying groups changed since 2023?


Purchase cycles

Enterprise buyers tend to have longer purchase processes


Brand awareness or demand gen?

How vendors balance their discretionary spend


Top resources buyers consult

Compared to 2023, less buyers are using free demos/trials in 2024


User reviews 2017-2024

Buyers continue to consult user reviews


Analyst reports 2017-2024

Use of reports has trended down nearly every year since 2017


Top factors on review sites

Compared to 2023, buyers are looking more to self-serve information and a product’s score


Influential resources

Free trials, prior experience, and product demos are key to technology buyers’ purchase decisions


What kind of demo is used most?

Enterprise buyers lean on live demos and interactive demos


How are buyers consulting current product users?

Speaking to peers and coworkers were more prevalent than consulting vendors, forums, or search


How buyers ranked helpfulness of conversations about products


What do buyers want to change about tech buying?

Transparent pricing, talking to a vendor only when ready, and seeking out current product users topped the list


Where vendors attribute success

Having a compelling demo and strong customer advocacy topped vendors’ reasons


Why Vendors think they lost a deal

Vendors mostly attribute losing deals to budget, timing, or losing out to a competitor


Top reasons for buying a product

Value, trust, and prior relationship topped all buyers’ and enterprise buyers’ lists


Top vendor marketing tactics

Compared to 2023, vendors are increasing the use of sales reps and decreasing the amount of marketing collateral


Top GTM challenges for vendors

Ensuring effective sales and marketing efforts and compelling messaging are top of mind for organizations


Average age of buyers

87% of buyers are Gen X or Millennials


Size of purchases

83% of tech buyer purchases are less than $50k


Vendor roles

Breakdown of the 243 vendors we surveyed


Buying group sizes

Large companies tend to use larger buying committees


Simon Jones, Destrier


Kathleen Booth, Pavilion


Grant McDougall, BlueOcean


Millie Beetham, ZoomInfo


Ken Lempit, SaaS Backwards Podcast & Austin Lawrence Group


Joe Kevens, B2B SaaS Reviews


Evan Huck, UserEvidence


Rebecca Stone, Cisco


Darren Fanton, ScreenSpace


Trinity Nguyen, UserGems


Allyson Havener, TrustRadius


Krysten Connor, ex-Salesforce, Tableau, Outreach


Top 10 Takeaways from the 2024 B2B Buying Disconnect


Trusted Insights for tailoring your GTM to brand-led growth (BLG)


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Just learned from the latest B2B Buying Disconnect report from @TrustRadius that short lists are shrinking and 78% reported selecting products they had heard of before even starting the research process. Of those, 71% of buyers reported going with their top choice. Brand awareness is mission-critical. What do you think? 📈🤔 Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #B2B #TechBuying #BrandAwareness #YearoftheBrandCrisis 


The new B2B Buying Disconnect report from @TrustRadius shows that buying groups are stabilizing—96% have five or fewer members, and 53% include a C-suite executive. Understanding this could really help in tailoring our pitches to the right decision-makers. 👥💼 Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #B2B #TechTrends #BuyingGroups


Interesting find from @TrustRadius’ latest B2B Buying Disconnect report: vendors are allocating 38% of their marketing spend to brand awareness but 53% to demand generation. This shift could influence how we prioritize our own marketing efforts. 💡📊 Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #BrandAwareness #DemandGen #YearoftheBrandCrisis


Wow, the use of analyst reports in tech buying has hit a historic low of 16%, according to TrustRadius’ 2024 B2B Buying Disconnect report. This trend suggests a significant shift in how buyers research product information. 📉📚Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #TechBuying #MarketTrends


According to the latest B2B Buying Disconnect report from @TrustRadius, 47% of enterprise buyers wish the tech buying process made it easier to calculate ROI. This highlights a major opportunity for vendors to not only simplify ROI calculations but to provide them by industry, company size, and use case early in the decision making process. 💼📈 Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #EnterpriseTech #ROI


86% of enterprise technology buyers shortlist products they’ve heard of before starting their research, says the new B2B Buying Disconnect report from @TrustRadius. This emphasizes the importance of brand awareness in the early stages of the buying process. 📋🔍Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #B2B #TechBuying #MarketResearch #YearoftheBrandCrisis


Just read that 87% of technology buyers complete their purchases within six months. That’s a short amount of time to make an impact on deal cycles! Not to mention when you factor in buying group indecision or deal stall. The latest B2B Buying Disconnect report from @TrustRadius offers great insights into how we can adapt to these quicker timelines and reduce perceived risk amongst the buying group. ⏱️🚀Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #TechBuying #B2BBuyingBehavior #B2BMarketing #B2BSales 


Technology buyers are increasingly relying on their own experience, with fewer resources being used overall. The latest B2B Buying Disconnect Report from @TrustRadius has some fascinating details on this trend and what it means for the industry. 🧠📉Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #B2B #TechBuying #MarketTrends


Surprised to see in @TrustRadius’ 2024 B2B Buying Disconnect Report that 56% of buyers (71% of enterprise buyers) seek peer conversations in the buying process, but vendors think it’s only 34% of buyers. This discrepancy highlights how critical peer insights are in the decision-making process and how vendors are missing an area of opportunity. Lean into conversations around your brand with great tips from this year’s report. 👥💬Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #PeerReviews #PeerConversations #TechBuying 


According to the latest B2B Buying Disconnect Report from @TrustRadius, price is still a priority for technology buyers—66% (58% of enterprise buyers) choose products that offer the best price for their needs. 💰📊Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #TechBuying #B2B


Just learned from @TrustRadius’ 2024 B2B Buying Disconnect report that 73% of technology buyers believe that they regularly or sometimes see fake reviews online. This indicates that review sites themselves play a vital role in combating fraud and building buyer trust. 🤔🥷Read the full report: https://bit.ly/B2Bdisconnect #reviewsites #fraudulentreviews #B2BReviews


Data for the TrustRadius 2024 B2B Buying Disconnect Report was sourced from the TrustRadius global network via an online survey.

In March 2024, we sent online surveys to professionals who were involved in a software or hardware purchase for their organization in the past year. In April 2024, we sent a separate survey to members of go-to-market teams for technology vendors. We received complete, verified responses from 2,164 technology buyers and 243 technology vendors.

All respondents were offered a nominal incentive ($10 gift card) as a thank-you for their time. We’ve included information below on the demographics of our survey respondents.

For a full list of survey questions and answer choices, or if you have any questions about the data, email us at research@trustradius.com.

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