According to our 2023 B2B Buying Disconnect Report, vendors should not be afraid to let their customers do the talking. User reviews are among the top three things a vendor can do to make a buyer’s shortlist and have increased 17% in preference year over year. In fact, 39% of buyers said a lack of user reviews will make them less likely to purchase from you. Buyers need to hear from relatable customers, and generating user reviews is a scalable way to do that.

In this panel, TrustRadius’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community, Allyson Havener, interviews top customer voice evangelists Rowan Tonkin, CMO at Planful; and Rebecca Stone, Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions Marketing, at Cisco.

Topics include:

  • How Planful is adjusting to the golden age of CFO technology and using TrustRadius to help buyers cut through the noise
  • How Cisco is now speaking to the entire C-suite in their marketing efforts due to growing decision committees
  • Using customer voice and product demos to meet buyers where they are and give them the product information they need upfront


Allyson Havener

SVP of Marketing & Community, TrustRadius

Allyson leads the marketing strategy at TrustRadius across all functions including demand gen, PR, product, and partner marketing. She’s driven to establish TrustRadius as the platform where buying decisions are made. Allyson brings experience and expertise in hyper growth marketing from previous roles at LiveRamp, an enterprise SaaS company. In her spare time she teaches yoga and finds anything to do outdoors. Allyson was also a ballerina in Dubai and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Rowan Tonkin

Chief Marketing Officer, Planful

Rebecca Stone

SVP, Customer Solutions Marketing, Cisco

Rebecca Stone serves as both SVP, Customer Solutions Marketing for Cisco, as well as CMO for Cisco Meraki. Rebecca currently uses customer voice and advocacy programs as an integral part of her overall marketing strategy to shape the narrative for a broader unified story across the entire Cisco organization.