TrustRadius 2020 Tech Cares Award Recipients

John Ferguson
September 22, 2020
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TrustRadius 2020 Tech Cares Award Recipients

Over 100 business technology companies have earned the 2020 Tech Cares award based on user feedback and TrustRadius community nominations.

TrustRadius today awarded 116 Tech Cares awards to technology companies that have gone above and beyond to support their clients and communities in 2020 and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The award also recognizes companies that have contributed directly to combat the virus, either with their products, knowledge, or financial support. 

The 2020 Tech Cares award is unique in the software industry because 2020 is a unique year for tech, and the world at large. While it has been tempting for businesses to simply survive COVID-19 and the economic devastation that it has caused, many companies rose to the occasion to meet the needs of those around them. 

How the Winners were Selected

These companies were recognized for these actions in either of two ways. First, their users have highlighted how the organization has acted selflessly and in support of their customers through the pandemic. This frequently included offering new capabilities or expertise at steep discounts, or even for free, during the pandemic. 

We also opened this process to the TrustRadius community, which nominated companies that would also meet the above criteria for the award. The research team at TrustRadius individually vetted each nominee to ensure that their actions met our standard for outstanding conduct and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After vetting each potential winner, TrustRadius is proud to announce these 116 recipients of the 2020 Tech Cares award, with words from either their nominator or synthesized reviewer feedback:


“During COVID, 7Shifts has responded to our evolving needs and instituted health and safety assessment tools as part of Time & Attendance that have enabled us to comply efficiently with local jurisdictional guidelines. 7Shifts has become a valuable and indispensable platform for us.”

8X8 X Series

8×8 earns this award based on reviewer feedback about outstanding customer support as operations transitioned during the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the communications logistics services 8×8 has provided for COVID-19 testing.


“Accenture has delivered on multiple innovative & outstanding strategies and ideas to cater to customer and client needs, as well as employee welfare.”


“ActiveCampaign went above and beyond to support customers, with even more flexible options for turning our service on and off no questions asked, transitioning all of our live-training content into digital formats to make it available for all customers, and offering free integration, migration, and 1:1 strategy sessions with our success team to even the lowest paying customers so they could pivot their online marketing strategy.” 


“ActivTrak responded immediately by helping businesses navigate the complexities of the post-pandemic workplace. The team immediately launched an online Resource Center featuring sample work-from-home policies, best practices, training sessions and webinars, checklists and templates, videos and demos to help companies more easily manage the transition to a remote workforce environment… ActivTrak offered a 35 percent off discount to make it more cost-effective for companies to adopt its technology and successfully manage a remote workforce.”


ADP wins this award based reviewer feedback, particularly for Workforce Now. Users highlighted how ADP helped SMBs navigate rapidly changing laws, loan programs, and safety requirements related to COVID-19.


“Before the first official COVID-19 case even appeared in the US, customers could see emerging COVID-19 hotspots around the world on our threat monitoring map—and proximity to employees and critical assets. They could also use our system to monitor the latest local restrictions, CDC health and safety recommendations, and lockdown orders. Once stay-at-home orders started going into effect across the country, customers were able to quickly connect with employees using multi-channel notifications to streamline communication of their remote work plan and keep essential workers safe through timely updates on recommendations and wellness checks.”


“Anaplan launched the Anaplan Helps initiative to assist organizations in responding to COVID-19. It included a free 90-day trial of the Anaplan platform to qualified businesses, and access to 29 free downloadable apps on our website that any organization could use to solve common problems during this crisis – optimizing allocation of PPE; hospital staffing during the peak of the NY/NJ outbreak; moving hospital equipment such as ventilators and beds to where they were needed most; ambulance scheduling; matching volunteers with seniors or people who needed extra help during lockdown; helping restaurants convert their business from eat-in to take-out; a data hub for COVID statistics; and much more.”

Apricot by Social Solutions

Social Solutions wins this award for its support of government and non-profit organizations by making Social Solutions free for these teams. This access has allowed government and non-profit groups to better respond to COVID-19 conditions, including the pandemic’s effect on human trafficking, abusive relationships, and other social causes.

APS Payroll

As a payroll and HR technology company that develops said technology in-house, APS’ development team worked hard to create forms, reports, and dashboards for all of the new payroll legislation that was quickly being passed by Congress. APS was able to develop dashboards and reports that pulled the necessary data for employers to apply for PPP loans as well… Then, APS created a special team that was dedicated entirely to learning and understanding how this new legislation in response to COVID-19 would impact businesses. This dedicated COVID-19 Response Team was responsible for helping customers who had questions about this new legislation and could aid them in using APS’ system to get the information they needed for loan applications and reporting.


“We know that these uncertain times are putting workers under collective and individual strain. If we want them to be productive and engaged, we need to offer tools to help. That’s why we put together this course on coping with that stress and uncertainty. We’ve given away close to a quarter of a million dollars in concessions working with our customers on payment terms, extended discounts, and free access to our tools to make sure they have the training tools they need to empower their own employees and customers. “


“Timekeeping is extremely accurate with Ascentis. Corrections in one pay period automatically create adjustments in the current pay period. No more manual calculations. Ascentis was quick to set up workflows for the new leave laws due to Covid-19.” Ascentis has also released employee tracking capabilities to support COVID-19 contact tracing efforts.” 

AT&T FirstNet

“The community healthcare organization had 4 days to turn an empty lot into a space where their providers could function as if they were in a clinic. The biggest challenge was delivering connectivity. AT&T retail trucks were positioned in the parking lot testing sites and used as mobile hot spots. Thanks to the ready connectivity, medical personnel in the temporary clinics have all the bandwidth they need, serving hundreds of patients a day.”


“AtScale’s overall goal of providing this impactful Insights Marketplace at no cost is to provide BI professionals with a tool they can use to make challenging business decisions in today’s highly impacted economy. So far, the feedback has been incredible from end-users, as they’ve been able to derive amazing insights into the nature of travel, how workers are returning to the workplace and the impact of reopening restaurants on local communities. The team is constantly updating the Data Insights Marketplace with new datasets for analysis.”


“ The Government of Mexico City implemented Avaya contact center solutions for contact tracing conducting 2,700 tests daily across 117 health centers    Avaya offered its Avaya Spaces collaboration app for free to educational institutions and non-profit organizations worldwide. School around the world like the University of Milan and Anacao Liceo school in Italy, Charter College in South Africa, Michigan State University, Florida State University, Icon International School in Ghana, Africa, and hundreds more around the world are using Avaya Spaces to reliably communicate with parents, students and each other to minimize learning disruption amid school closures. They can securely share docs, coordinate work across teams, and assign and track coursework regardless of where students are located.”


“Realizing that Finance and Accounting (F&A) organizations would face unprecedented challenges closing their books and conducting audits with the global lockdown forcing entire teams to work entirely from home for the first timeBlackLine acted quickly, opening access for customers to its entire library of premium online educational resources and shortly thereafter unveiled a ‘Resource Hub for Closing Virtually’ to provide free access to the broader accounting community.  BlackLine also introduced a Remote Audit solution and services package that could be quickly deployed to help customers prepare for remote audits.”

Blue Prism

“Blue Prism’s COVID-19 Response Program has initiated dozens of projects, where donated digital workers and services are assisting workers and organizations on the front lines of the health emergency, across many sectors. We have made donated licenses and resources available to healthcare, government, education, and financial services organizations and non-profits in immediate need of our technology for public benefit to help fight COVID-19. Launched in mid-March, the program already encompasses nearly 85 projects across multiple industries. The program is directly benefiting community organizations across the globe that have experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”


BlueJeans wins this award based on reviewer feedback, which highlights how the company has been instrumental in continued education and Learning From Home since the pandemic began.

Building Engines

“Now, as occupants re-enter their commercial spaces, and occupancy rates climb back up to a more stabilized rate, CRE owners and operators are implementing new procedures and workflows to ensure a safe and responsive reoccupation process and are increasingly looking for solutions that can handle changing guidelines and evolving policies.     Building Engines recognized this need for its customers and the industry as a whole, and decided to offer relevant modules in its platform at no cost to both customers and prospects. While many CRE owners and operators already relied on building operations software like Building Engines’, this offering gives quick access to those property teams that need software to address and cope with the challenges brought on by the pandemic. The decision to offer the modules at no cost was made to be sensitive to the fact that many CRE rent rolls (and therefore revenue) were severely impacted and the future of their buildings were uncertain.”

CarePort Health

“CarePort has established its platform as an indispensable tool for its users amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As hospitals and nursing homes across the country reached, or in many cases exceeded, their capacity limits, they were able to lean on CarePort. Post-acute providers were able to indicate whether or not they were able to accept COVID-19 positive or pending patients, information that was surfaced for hospital case managers to see in real-time. With some hospitals managing surge capacity, knowing which post-acute providers were able to care for patients freed up much-needed hospital beds. Additionally, in response to the pressures and resource constraints CarePort customers were facing, the company quickly and masterfully adjusted to develop COVID-19-specific product features that enabled real-time communication and efficient processes between acute and post-acute providers.”


“As the crisis continued to evolve, Ceridian created a variety of tools to help its customers navigate the ongoing crisis, including the launch of the Dayforce Safety Monitor. The Dayforce Safety Monitor is designed to give businesses a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on their workforce while enabling fast and accurate communications to employees. Using Dayforce, employees can report their COVID-19 status and allow their employer to effectively monitor their location, understand their movement, and identify potential exposure to coworkers. In addition, up-to-date location-based notifications can inform employees about important safety information. This new technology is live and offered free to Dayforce customers.”


“In light of COVID, we knew companies were going to be bracing for a slowdown in spending and business, but we saw this as an opportunity to help empower our audience and customer base of Customer Success professionals. We feel that CSMs are uniquely positioned to step up and provide business continuity during a crisis such as this, as well as be able to tend to and protect their customer base to help sustain the businesses they work for. So we set out to develop content and programming specifically tailored to Customer Success Leaders and CSMs to help guide them through this tricky time so their SaaS companies could be around when this is all said and done. We hosted webinars and published blogs to serve as trusted resources to help guide them during this time. We also ran a customer review campaign where we gave a $10 donations to COVID relief efforts on the customers’ behalf for completed reviews.”

Cisco Webex

Cisco has earned this award based on reviewer feedback on it’s various Webex products, which have supported front-line workers across industries. Cisco is also recognized for providing over $200 million in funding and product to directly support the fight against COVID-19.


CitiXys has earned this award for its support of the retail industry’s rapid and unexpected transition to the online-first economy. CitiXys offered free mobile POS for transitioning businesses in the early stages of the pandemic. 

Condo Control Central

Condo Control Central was highlighted by reviewers for its excellent customer support during the pandemic, as well as its efforts to keep end-users aware of important COVID-19 updates.


“”Especially during COVID, they were able to work with us on billing to ensure that we didn’t lose their service or support. Their support team, tool, and overall value is top notch and can’t be matched. Which is why I’m glad I moved forward with Conductor.”

Cornerstone OnDemand

“The team at Cornerstone banded together to develop Cornerstone Cares, a free website filled with online learning content including topics like training healthcare workers to respond to COVID-19, how to be productive while working from home, and stress management. Cornerstone provided access to this free critical training to not only Cornerstone users, but also to local and global communities. Cornerstone clients were given the option to have the new COVID-19 and pandemic planning courses loaded into their LMS portal, otherwise, anyone could sign up and access the training through Cornerstone Cares.”


Dialpad wins this award based on reviewer feedback, which recognizes the product as a ‘pandemic-resilient solution,’ as well as Dialpad’s decision to make their product free to users forced to unexpectedly transition to remote work early in the pandemic.


Drift wins this ward due to its decision to offer its Video Pro software for free to all teachers, students, and nonprofit professionals.

Druva inSync

Druva wins this award based on its support of new WFH users, offering 6 months of free Office 365 backup and endpoint protection. This capability has been instrumental in protecting and securing newly remote workforces.


“Emburse worked with customers to streamline onboarding process, especially for the organization’s accounts payable automation solution (critical with finance teams now working from home). Emburse also released the Work from Home Starter Card package, which allows employers to provide policy-backed Emburse cards to their employees with no fees.”


“ESET Foundation supported the development of a diagnostic PCR test to detect the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2. ESET funded the diagnostic kit for COVIS-19 and donated the first 100,000 tests to the Slovak Republic to state diagnostic laboratories.  ESET offered its customers additional layers of protection as Multi-factor authentication and Dynamic Threat Defense to improve their security against ransomware and targeted attacks which were never seen before and most of them were COVID-19 cyberthreats. Customers can strengthen their security immediately and they can pay later.”

eThink Education

“eThink has worked to connect regularly with their internal and external community of employees, clients, and partners to ensure they have all the necessary resources to continue to meet their goals regardless of the external climate. In addition to supporting an influx of new clients needing remote learning platforms and working with clients around the clock to scale and completely redesign their sites to support fully-online working and learning, eThink has created a plethora of resources from webinars to blog posts to eBooks for clients and the wider community on the transition to and support of remote work and online learning.”


“Everbridge has helped thousands of organizations, states (MA, FL, CA…) Cities (NYC, Boston…) to keep their constituents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

EZ Texting

EZ Texting won this award based on reviewer feedback, which demonstrated the company’s support for mental health providers during the pandemic, as well as EZ Texting’s decision to give schools and government organizations free use of the product during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Leveraging Gainsight and our internal analytics tools to proactively support our customers through the CV19 crisis and deliver a care package that supported them in this difficult period.”


“ As a trusted business partner, Genbook launched a campaign to help entrepreneurs stay on course by generating much needed cash-flow. The campaign, ‘Give Local and #SpreadLoveInstead’, generated over US$180,000 in revenue for small businesses in the form of gift certificates, purchased via the Genbook app and through the Genbook marketplace, which gets upwards of 1 million monthly client visitors. The campaign also urged gift certificate buyers to share their support and encourage others to support via social media channels.” 

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)

“As the leading convener of healthcare providers and suppliers, GHX is in a unique position to help healthcare organizations keep pace with heightened demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this spring, as hospitals and health systems struggled to secure appropriate PPE and other supplies, GHX mobilized to reallocate people and budget resources to create the COVID-19 Information Center, a free, comprehensive digital resource to help North American healthcare organizations access the data and information needed to serve patients and protect staff.    GHX’s COVID-19 Information Center answers the call for timely, accurate information and actionable tools with the belief that knowledge sharing and open access to data are key elements in managing the crisis.“

Higher Logic

“Through hard work from everyone from our product teams to marketing to strategic services to the executive team, Higher Logic was able to develop a free solution to support organizations dealing with COVID-19 related event disruptions. This solution was a completely innovative approach to solve an untapped market need, disrupt the existing customer delivery model, and help customers in a time of need.”


“Hootsuite provided free access to the Hootsuite Professional Plan for small businesses and nonprofits in need, as of March 18, 2020. Organizations impacted by the crisis were able to gain free access to the company’s professional tool, helping them stay connected to their customers and communities during a critical time. In addition to the company’s usual support and fully operational team, they launched a series of free online workshops on how brands could build better processes for crisis management.” 

Impero Software

“Impero launched a free safeguarding solution that all schools could use in early April to meet the needs of schools when they were forced to close. The software, Impero Backdrop, allows all schools to have a digital safeguarding system in place, irrespective of budget constraints. Impero Backdrop is free, forever – no catch, no agenda and no bills down the line. It is the UK’s only free safeguarding software for schools.”

Impiger Techologies, Inc.

“Impiger’s new solution was offered as Free-Trial for organizations who are not used to remote working, who has challenges managing the remote work force. is meant for employees who wanted to manage their work remotely and manage all different organizational touchpoints as one go! The uniqueness of this solution is its Mobile App available in Android, iOS.”


INFUSEmedia earns this award based on its support of SMB revenue operations, including its 100 Free Leads program, which was extended to meet the massive demand from struggling companies. 


“Intercom acted upon our social responsibility. We are offering our platform for free to any group fighting COVID-19 and its impact on society. Some examples of how our customers are using Intercom to fight COVID-19 include: Healthcare startup Solv has partnered with MultiCare, Washington’s largest community-based health system, to implement chatbots that allow individuals to self-assess their risk of having contracted the virus.” 

Jamf Software

“Jamf pivoted with customers in March by providing many of our services for free. We also launched a new workflow for healthcare organizations to help providers stay safe and isolated patients stay connected, called Virtual Visits. For our education customers, we then launched Learn Anywhere – a complete ed tech solution that empowered learning whether students were 10 feet away or 10 miles away from their teachers.”


“In March, Jibble had written and released an Emergency Remote Working Kit, a handy guide for companies who were struggling to adjust to working from home. It contains management tips and apps that could be useful in increasing communication. We also provided all our paid plans for free to hospitals treating patients with COVID-19 and schools affected by the pandemic. Jibble is being used now by the NHS and other hospitals who treat patients with the coronavirus, aiding the hospitals to run smoothly and focus their resources on saving lives.”


“To help companies during the COVID 19 pandemic, Jobma decided that any users whose accounts were expiring were automatically renewed through the end of the year at no cost to them, i.e. Free. They also offered free additional Interview credits worth $50 to any organization that was in locations that were severely impacted by COVID (example, Italy, US, India etc). They also provided additional hours customer support (beyond business hours) to ensure trouble free interviews by adding more people to our support team.”


Jolt wins this award based on reviewer feedback, which described how the company has provided financial leniency to customers in the restaurant industry who are struggling to stay afloat. The company has also provided a range of support materials and resources to help restaurants adapt to the COVID-19 environment.


“JotForm launched our Coronavirus Responder Program, which offered free, unlimited, HIPAA-compliant JotForm accounts to eligible first responders, healthcare workers, and government and nonprofit organizations that want to help their communities. We’ve had over 10,000 organizations accepted into the program and getting our form services for free.”


Kaseya quickly developed and launched a program called Kaseya Cares, a more than $10.5 million emergency response program that has provided assistance to Kaseya’s MSP customers around the world through government relief navigation, business guidance through free access to Kaseya’s Powered Services and direct financial assistance. Kaseya Cares’ government relief navigation brings to bear the full weight of Kaseya’s legal, financial and technological expertise to help MSPs take advantage of government relief programs around the globe, while also scouring for any additional grants and funding sources.”

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

“In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Keap established the Keep Going Fund. A $200,000 fund that businesses could apply for to assist with whatever financial needs they or their business was needing. We received approximately 2,300 applications. 200 $500 grants were awarded in the first round and 100 $1,000 grants in the second round, totaling $200,000 to small businesses in need.”

Khoros (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

“When shelter-in-place orders and social distancing were enforced, Khoros Communities empowered Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to quickly expand its educational program and platform, Anesthesia Toolbox, to all U.S. anesthesiology residency programs so all trainees and professionals could continue to learn and practice remotely. OHSU’s community successfully managed a 32% increase in total users and a 30% increase in daily community usage by enrolled users at existing institutions.”


“Two weeks into the lockdown, in April, a bunch of folks in our product team got together and came up with the idea of providing an app and a tracker for COVID19 and remote work respectively. And within a week’s time, both were launched and offered free for any organisation to use! The COVID-19 self-assessment tracker is an app that enables large enterprises to check their employees periodically for symptoms. It sends employees a list of risk assessment questions (suggested by the CDC) that help determine an individual’s symptoms and identify appropriate medical care. The Remote Work Readiness Survey is an app that helps businesses understand the feasibility of allowing employees to work remotely. We wanted to equip organisations across the world to battle the pandemic by keeping track of their employee’s health and work conditions. Identifying symptoms early helps enterprises diagnose, treat, and prevent their employees from the worst impact while keeping a primary focus on the overall business continuity.” 


KnowBe4 has won this award based directly on reviewer feedback, which highlights the company’s efforts to keep customers aware of COVID-related phishing threats and enabling them with tools to navigate these emerging threats.


“On May 6 Kofax announced a charitable initiative in recognition of International Nurses Day in which it donated 15 percent of all proceeds from the direct sale of Kofax Power PDF™, its industry-leading document productivity software, through June 30 to the International Committee of the Red Cross.    Kofax recognized that during this unprecedented time, nurses face incredible challenges while fighting COVID-19 on the front lines of hospitals and clinics around the world. Therefore, they took the time to honor International Nurses Day and say ‘thank you’ by giving back to support the crucial mission that we’re on together.“

Kustomer, Inc.

“Within days of COVID-19’s breaking news in New York, Kustomer immediately took action for their customers. We knew that customer support was going to get hit hard with people looking for orders, wanting to cancel orders, taking to online ordering for certain products, so we got ahead to help support our own customers. Kustomer started offering free upgrades to our Ultimate Package. This upgrade helped them manage their influx in customer inquiries.”

LogMeIn Inc.

LogMeIn has earned this award in part based on its reviewers, which have praised the company’s support and response to COVID-19, as well as the company’s decision to offer its products for free during the pandemic to healthcare providers, educational institutions, municipalities, and non-profits.


“LogRhythm has provided for local communities through two philanthropic groups: the LoGiving Committee and the LogRhythm Community Fund.    LoGiving Committee Initiatives  LogRhythm’s LoGiving Committee is a group of LogRhythm employees dedicated to giving back, driven by a passionate belief that LogRhythm has a responsibility to enrich communities through financial support, global community outreach and education.     Due to the financial strain of COVID-19 impacting many non-profit organizations, the LoGiving Committee established a relief fund and nominated organizations to offer financial assistance to. Furthermore, LogRhythm quickly took action to help ease some of the financial challenges face by security and IT professionals, temporarily offering LogRhythm Cloud on a monthly basis. The promotion allows organizations to address key remote workforce security cases without needing to establish a long-term contract.


“Mailchimp rallied around helping small business customers around the world and local communities.  Mailchimp provided $10M relief fund (including free support to emergency services and support groups), invested $500k in local communities, and provided support in many other ways including creating inspiring content via Courier and Mailchimp Presents, as well as supporting employees and more.  Most recently, Mailchimp created a $1M Integration fund to help developers whose jobs may have been impacted by COVID19 as a way for them to earn some extra cash.”


Microsoft wins this award due to its commitment to supporting remote education and provide technical support and collaboration for nonprofits and governments in the fight against COVID-19, particularly via Microsoft Power BI.


“MobileIron played a role in helping families stay secure and connected with their loved ones during COVID-19 as part of the Life Lines project. We worked with our global partners Google, Samsung and BT to quickly configure tablets with secure video conferencing capabilities and deploy them to Guy’s Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College Hospital within three working days. Today, thousands of these devices are being used to help families stay connected with their loved ones being treated in intensive care units (ICUs) across the UK. We offered unlimited use of our unified endpoint management (UEM) platform through June 15, 2020 to help organizations secure their digital workplaces as they quickly implemented or expanded work from home programs. Under the offer, any organization could enroll an unlimited number of new users and devices – including those running macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 – in our MobileIron UEM platform and access Platinum features, such as Tunnel and Help@Work.”

Modernizing Medicine

“Modernizing Medicine, launched not one, but two fully integrated audio and video telehealth solutions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic including modmed® Telehealth and gTelehealth™ to help accomplish this. The goal and motivation was to help provide both some business continuity to practices and continuity of care for patients as many practices had to close their doors. The product foundation was set for the one product line, but there was a need to quickly deliver the solution to our clients. The telehealth solution was offered at no additional charge to clients during the global health crisis.”


Namely earns this award based on reviewer feedback, which demonstrates how Namely’s expertise on new legislation like the CARES act has been essential for SMB customers, among a host of other resources that the company has provided for free.


“They very quickly got the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) Portal up and running.  As well as the other items surrounding COVID and payroll.”


“In a matter of weeks, all Nextech clients were given access to the new Telehealth solution, free of charge. On top of that, they also focused their efforts on a number of their preexisting solutions that could assist clients in going contactless, with as many processes as possible, such as a patient portal with new remote check-in and virtual waiting room feature as well as e-prescribing.”

Nice inContact CXone

NICE inContact was nominated for this award because of its rapid actions to help companies transition to all-remote workforces within 48 hours with a temporarily-free, rapid-response ‘CXone@home’ offering.


“March 2020 Nintex quickly formulated a response aimed at helping its customers and partners to successfully navigate their many new challenges. By making key resources freely available, organizations were rapidly empowered to get even more value from their Nintex investment, as well as leverage the Nintex Process Platform to build solutions that helped address the new challenges they were facing. One of the first resources Nintex made available was free instructor-led training. Nintex also created and released over 20 COVID-19-related process accelerators in the Nintex Process Accelerator Gallery. The process accelerators are process templates that organizations can use to rapidly automate a broad range of business processes with Nintex.”

Nuance Communications

“At the onset of the pandemic, Nuance took a slightly different approach compared to other organizations; rather than immediately pushing out their current software offerings for free, Nuance decided to first understand the needs of their customers and industries they serve to then take proactive measures to address those needs. After making these assessments, Nuance’s healthcare and enterprise divisions created a comprehensive list of no-cost solutions that would enable organizations to adapt to the challenges presented by the pandemic. They also fast-tracked the development of new, innovative features that would enhance their current software’s capabilities to tackle newly emerging issues the pandemic had created. In the healthcare space, for example, Nebraska Medicine asked Nuance to create a solution that could be securely deployed via the cloud and enable doctors to capture the patient stories accurately while under extraordinary pressure.”


ON24 has won this award based on reviewer feedback, which highlights the company’s exceptional customer support when navigating extremely high usage. The company is also recognized for donating $50,000 to the COVID Solidarity Response Fund.


PandaDoc earns this Tech Cares award for releasing a new free eSign plan to help sales teams and broader organizations go fully remote at the outset of the pandemic.

PanTerra Networks

PanTerra wins a Tech Cares award by supporting its customers with free upgrades to its full UCaaS platform. 


“To help frontline teams during the crisis, we offered unrestricted access to our OnBoard virtual board management solution for five months to nonprofits and select government bodies. We made a similar offer of unrestricted access to AGB OnBoard, a rebranded OnBoard for higher education. To help other frontline teams, we offered unrestricted access to our OnSemble employee intranet solution to healthcare services and select government bodies.”


“PathFactory launched Virtual Event Experiences (VEX) in response to customer feedback early in the pandemic as marketers scrambled to adapt to an all-virtual event landscape. VEX provides attendees with a rich user experience for live or pre-recorded events, allowing visitors to seamlessly move between sessions, binge-consume related content assets while watching video, and engage through chat and comments. PathFactory also made its technology available to DC Central Kitchen, a non-profit and social enterprise based in Washington, D.C., free of charge to share its COVID-19 updates.”


“Our software analyzes information across research reports, journals, patents, scientific data bases and more, and packages it into a singular narrative to help customers quickly obtain cross-domain knowledge on any technology or innovation area, to determine where their idea/invention fits. This information is vital in helping IP, R&D and innovation professionals vet their ideas and determine the validity of their inventions. Innovation was, and still very much is, the key to overcoming COVID-19. Until a viable vaccine is found, life sciences innovation is very much needed. During the pandemic, we’ve also seen a number of companies pivot their business models to manufacture personal protective equipment to aid in the fight against COVID-19, using other companies’ patents to obtain the blueprints for their designs. With our product being an enabler of innovation and source of patent intelligence information, we knew in the early days of the outbreak there was something special we could be doing to support these businesses and the researchers and scientists working tirelessly to find a vaccine. We decided to offer all of PatSnap’s products for free to the public for a period of 3 months (March to June). We offered free additional licenses to our customers and enabled free access to non-customers. During this time, we had over 10,000 users worldwide sign up for free access to our platform.”


“As a result of COVID-19, payroll has become about much more than time capture and calculations of net pay. It’s a lifeline to keep businesses afloat. Payroll today is about the implementation of tools that leverage payroll data to optimize cash management and apply for/seek forgiveness for PPP loans. To date, Paychex has furnished 500K PPP reports for customers and helped them secure $28B in PPP loans. Paychex also released the Getting Back to Business information hub – businesses, their employees, and their customers need to take new safety precautions such as social distancing and increased cleaning. Plus, with changing laws and regulations, every business will need to re-evaluate its operations. These resources, including a comprehensive e-book, help business owners identify what to plan for, with details about staffing considerations, workplace safety and privacy considerations, supporting employees as they return to work, and more.” 

Paypro Workforce Management

“We’ve provided a hub of the latest information surrounding COVID-19 that we’ve continued to update in real time and we developed custom reports to help guide our clients through new programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program, Payroll Tax Credits and how to support and manage a remote workforce.  We immediately began to offer services that would assist in our client’s success by supporting their employees through telemedicine, mindfulness and wellness programs (given free to all Paypro employees).  We also waived frees for our paperless paycheck offering which allowed clients to immediately take advantage and get their employees paid by direct deposit or card so that there was no lapse in payment due to mail deliveries being slowed or extra exposure by multiple touch-points of a check.”

Prophix Software

“Prophix has made extended payment plans, allowed customers to transfer funds to pay for other Prophix services, and on a case-by-case basis, withdrawing from net new deals that were established. The flexibility provided for these instances has been received very well by our customers who’ve been severely affected by the pandemic. On the community front, Prophix has donated $43,000 to date to assist with social injustice causes – BLM – and to the Nanny Alliance Network.”

Pulse Secure

“The Pulse Cares program is designed to expedite sales and service response to ensure customer business resiliency. Since being introduced earlier this year, Pulse Secure has provided temporary licenses to over 1,500 enterprise accounts that needed immediate support to eliminate deployment delay during their procurement of permanent licenses. The Pulse Cares program also offered organizations Pulse vADC temporary licenses for up to a 90-day duration to enable enterprises to increase application performance for WFH productivity and the launch of new online applications and online services.”

Pure Storage Flash Array

Pure Storage earns this award based on reviewer feedback, which highlights how the company has acted as a partner with customers to support them through recent financial challenges.


“We decided to make our platform completely free for 6 months. When COVID hit, some of our employees asked that we increase our monetary donations to impacted organizations. We’re on track to donate almost $100,000 this year, with our most contributions supporting the Central Texas Food Bank, Dell Medical School COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, and the Austin Justice Coalition.” 


“Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers faced shortages of the personal protective equipment (PPE) required to keep themselves and patients safe. To better allocate these limited supplies, Qlik partnered with healthcare solutions provider WellSky to create a COVID-19 heat map that estimated where the next surge in demand would appear before it happened. WellSky and Qlik’s heat map technology used clinical staff zip code data supplied by client agencies to compare staff locations against confirmed COVID-19 cases across the U.S. By layering and blending this data, WellSky customers (home-based care agencies) were able to glean new insight into the PPE supply chain and foresee where staff may need increased access to PPE and ensure those supplies were delivered to the places where they were needed most, protecting medical and care workers, and residents in home care assisted living centers across the country.” 

Quick Base

“Quick Base unveiled a comprehensive program designed to provide critical support to companies navigating business disruption. The program continues to offer free access to organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis with templates for the most common emergency response applications, as well as expert onboarding, support, community resources and additional tools for organizations doing important work every day. As a result, more than 425 organizations have created more than 1,000 apps to manage key processes, such as tracking assets, coordinating resources, maintaining compliance, managing equipment, collecting infection data and more. Further, to assist small businesses that have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19, Quick Base launched its COVID-19 Small Business Loan Accelerator in April. This free, publicly-available online diagnostic tool helped thousands of small business owners quickly evaluate their eligibility for financial assistance programs offered by the Small Business Administration under the CARES Act.”

Renaissance Learning

“We revised our company website to accommodate educators, no matter what their teaching environment looks like. We also created a landing page dedicated to helping educators to identify and close learning gaps. Finally, we offered free access to our products to help educator get books into the hands of their students.”

RMS Hospitality Cloud

“In response to the severe impact lockdown had on the hospitality industry, RMS Cloud was one of the first to step up and offer hardship fee relief to properties (i.e. hotels, motels, services apartments and campgrounds) facing significant financial challenges. RMS Cloud put profit aside and focused on keeping their clients in business. The empathy they showed helped, even in a small way, hundreds of properties remain in business during a time of such uncertainty.”


Robin earns this award based directly on reviewer feedback, which highlights how Robin has exceeded expectations when helping customers plan to safely return to the office, including proactively connecting clients to improve COVID-19 planning and contingencies.

Sage Intacct

Sage wins this award based on reviewer feedback, which highlights how Sage has offered plaftorm features that enabled finance departments to quickly adapt to and track PPP funding and allocations. Sage has also offered a range of resources around best practices and policy adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

SAP Procurement Solutions 

“We are offering open access to this cloud-based solution, with no fees through December 31, 2020. By opening access to SAP Ariba Discovery and eliminating the supplier response fee, we are seeking to remove barriers to help accelerate connections between buyers and suppliers so they can more quickly fulfil immediate supply needs during this time.” 

Sauce Labs

“Sauce Labs has been proactive about offering flexible payment, licensing, and consumption terms to companies who circumstances have been adversely impacted. The company has also made efforts to extend that same level of care and generosity to the broader technology community. Shortly after the start of the pandemic, the company announced a program to offer free and reduced-cost testing for organizations innovating to address COVID-19. The program gives qualified organizations access to thousands of browser, OS, and emulator/simulator combinations, five concurrent sessions for testing in parallel, and unlimited testing minutes, as well as real devices for live testing on mobile devices.” 

Scale Computing

“Scale Computing took immediate action when companies were forced into work-from-home / work-from-anywhere scenarios to provide a VDI and remote-work solution for their customers.    Leveraging virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, Scale Computing packaged two virtual machine images customers can download for free, and put together a how-to video and trained technical support staff to assist them in deploying the remote work technology solution. The VDI Connection Broker, Gateway, and Agent provide easy, intuitive configuration and management for the Scale Computing HC3 environment, whether using remote access, only on-premise access, or a combination of both. No additional devices or services are needed to get organizations up and running quickly.”


“SchoolAdmin was nominated for this award based on its rapid actions and product developments to help schools move online while maintaining the academic experience for students, in addition to support materials to guide school administrators through the transition to virtual learning.”


“New Brunswick has launched a new web portal where citizens can access their COVID-19 test results using a Digital Identity – as soon as the tests have been processed, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Previously, they had to wait for a call from a public health official.  Simeio Solutions Canada worked with MyHealthNB to provide citizens with secure access to personal healthcare information, protecting their privacy when accessing personal lab test results for COVID-19 from their computer or mobile device.  Simeio Identity as a Service solution was quickly deployed in just 18 days from receiving the initial request.”

Skyward Student Management System

“When COVID-19 hit this past spring, Skyward partnered with a local organization to purchase five 3-D printers to make 3,500 face shields for frontline workers. Doctors, nurses, and first responders throughout Portage County received high-quality face shields quickly, with the 3-D printers working around the clock until all shields were made. Skyward offered its learning management system, the Course Learning Center (CLC), free through the end of the 2019–2020 school year. This tool integrates directly with districts’ Skyward student information system and allows districts to create a virtual learning space complete with areas to turn in homework, grade assignments, facilitate discussion, and more.”


Slack earns this award based on it’s decision to make its paid services free to nonprofits during the pandemic. Reviewers in the medical field demonstrate how they are reaping the benefits of these services, and Slack’s support.

Sprout Social

“Sprout Social wins this award for their support of PR and marketing teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company led with knowledge, expertise, and by example on how to appropriately respond to the crisis on social media, and helped other companies use social channels to communicate critical information with empathy.”


“When COVID-19 hit as a company we evaluated what capabilities in our products we could offer free of charge to our customers that directly supported their immediate needs.  We pivoted much of our content strategy to focus on COVID resources and offered blogs, webinars and services for our customers to rapidly implement these free capabilities. We also ran social campaigns that recognized and honored the ‘hero’s in the industry supporting COVID19 relief programs.”


“SysAid donated 15,000 TeamViewer remote control licenses – over a period of several months – to help customers better deal with remote support needs. We also quickly got started with a ‘COVID-19 Resources Center for IT service management.’  Then, at the end of May/early-June 2020, SysAid launched its free “Worksafe App,” in order to simplify daily self-reporting of location and health status, while automatically alerting management to potential corona exposure at work.”

Taulia Inc.

“Taulia has supported its customers during the pandemic by offering three cash analytics solutions, at no charge (ended August 31, 2020) to help our customers execute their working capital strategies. These three solutions were given to help customers forecast their cash, maintain a healthy supply chain, and manage risk.”


ThoughtSpot earns this award based on reviewer feedback, which highlights how the company has provided responsive features to COVID-19 that enable more accurate and effective decision-making during the pandemic. ThoughtSpot has also released free dashboards and resources for public COVID-19 data tracking and analysis. 


“Temporary arrangements for customers were made to use TOPdesk chat and SelfServicePortal functionalities for free during these months to help them stay connected    – An international COVID hackathon war organized to inspire and fast track creation of new services, prototypes or creative solutions to the problems of today. We’ve helped the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) to set up a system using Knowledge Management to manage and automate all national incoming COVID questions which saves them a tremendous amount of time during the very busy and stressful COVID times. This was the only way in which RIVM could handle the flow of questions from citizens; without this, those questions would mostly remain unanswered.” 


“Totango has worked with customers and the overall customer success community extensively to provide resources during this pandemic. Their Forever Free edition of the platform gives businesses a way to have a CS tool without any cost, which is critical in unknown economic times. They also released a COVID 19 toolkit, available to all customers (including free subscribers) to assist with handling their business needs, which contained email campaigns, metrics dashboards, and several followup procedures for the customers to ensure they were meeting the needs of their base.” 

Treasure Data

“They have gone above and beyond, especially during negotiations and contract signing due to COVID-related issues. But, never skipped a beat with us and worked diligently on good faith.”


Employers and their workforces have been rocked by the pandemic and economic uncertainty, putting many small businesses in particular at risk. TriNet’s reviewers have highlighted how TriNet responded with HR expertise and knowledge support during COVID-19. The HR solutions provider leveraged specialized advice and a Business Resiliency and Preparedness Center to assist SMBs with new regulations, government resources, and safety compliance.


“Our Training Team delivered more than $550,000 of free training during March alone via live remote classes. We have continued to provide free, remote training as demand has accelerated in the last few months. Turbonomic launched a “Demo to Donate” Program – we pledged to donate a total of $10,000 to five selected charities that are helping those impacted by coronavirus. For each demo that our sales team scheduled, Turbonomic designated $100 on behalf of the customer to a charity of their choice.”

Ultimate Kronos Group

The Ultimate Kronos Group wins this award based directly on reviewer feedback, which highlights how the company strives to rapidly deploy new capabilities in response to COVID-19 to meet these new challenges, such as new government regulations and resources.


“In April we announced Marketing Insight (4), a solution designed to help marketers get fast feedback on any campaign from their target audience. Knowing the sensitivities of consumers and their reactions to messaging during the pandemic, marketers were faced with the challenge of ‘knowing what to say and how to say it’, and concerned that their message or campaign could be interpreted incorrectly or an audience may take offense to it. Realizing there was a heightened need for marketers to validate a campaign concept or message, we quickly decided to make Marketing Insight available, earlier than planned, for those companies concerned about marketing and messaging during a pandemic. Not only did we launch the product early to help companies of all sizes get fast feedback, but we also offered it for free, as a 30-day trial, which is currently still available.”


“We have provided constant support for all small businesses. Our free version covers the needs of most small and some medium businesses and we provide free support for them.”

Vena Solutions

“we discovered an opportunity to put our customers’ insights into practice in our product, and that’s why we developed Agile Planning Templates—product plug-ins to help customers plan during these uncertain times, covering rolling forecasting, scenario modelling and cashflow management. These templates were offered to Vena customers at no charge. As finance and operations teams faced seismic uncertainty and took on an increasingly strategic role to drive organizational agility, we continued to leverage our product to support them through these difficult times by launching our Vena Agile Planning and Quick Start. The package, which provides a four-month, free subscription to the Vena FP&A platform, includes meaningful cost savings on a quick start implementation solution for integrated agile business planning and budget orchestration, helping professionals plan confidently through change.As well as the Quick Start Package, Vena also invited business leaders to connect with a Vena FP&A Expert for free one-on-one Power Hours where they could discuss some of the challenges they were facing as they planned for their business.”


Vidyard earns this award based on its decision to launch new free video tools to help newly remote employees stay connected. Reviewers demonstrate how impactful these tools have been during the remote work transition.

Visier Inc.

“In the first six weeks of crisis, the company launched an entirely new product capability to support employee health and safety, to all Visier customers free of charge. In addition, Visier ran weekly webinars and roundtables for HR professionals to discuss challenges and strategies to tackle Covid-19. The company pulled together a resource page for easy access to all information available. Visier also has 10 million employee records, and began tracking data trends month over month for everyone to better understand how Covid was impacting the workforce.”

WatchGuard Technologies

WatchGuard Technologies earns this award due to its support for workforces transitioning to remote work. It emphasized enabling workers to work remotely while maintaining network and business security. 


“Wrike offered a generous six-month trial of Wrike Professional, as a way to help workers sustain their productivity from their new makeshift offices. The trial package was open to all customers, even those who had previously signed up in the past, and would offer additional features, such as Gantt Charts, dashboard views, filters, additional integrations, and more. In addition, Wrike published a COVID-19 resource page that would enable employees to better navigate the remote work landscape.”


“Xactly quickly launched a free trial of Xactly Alignstar, our territories management solution, to help organizations in need respond to changes in resources, headcount, etc.     In addition, we’ve helped our clients to weather the storm of the pandemic more easily through the use of our holistic SPM platform and our flagship product Incent.” 


“In response to the COVID19 outbreak, Zerto offered its platform for free to organizations on the frontline of the pandemic. This includes healthcare, state and local governments, food supply, and other essential service organizations. Zerto’s offering included free Zerto licences for the protection of up to 50 virtual machines, free premium support, implementation assistance, online training, and free on-demand educational labs.”

Zoho CRM

Zoho earns this award based on reviewer feedback, which highlights the company’s stalwart customer support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoho is also recognized for its product support of government agencies working on COVID-19 relief efforts.


Zoom wins this award based on its actions to make its video conferencing tools more accessible, including lifting time caps on free accounts and providing a plethora of trainings and resources to educators and learners who were forced into Learning and Teaching From Home with little to no warning. This accessibility has enabled educators to continue their important work.


“ZoomInfo donated 1,000 masks each to Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, Wash and Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston. To take things a step further, ZoomInfo gave more than $100,000 to local food banks, including the Clark County Food Bank and the Greater Boston Food Bank.    Most recently, ZoomInfo collaborated with TentCraft on the donation of four customized tents to the chambers of commerce in Vancouver, Wash., and Waltham, Mass., the communities in which ZoomInfo’s two largest offices are located.”


“Zywave launched its COVID-19 Resource Center, a website that provided a completely free, comprehensive, curated collection of our most impactful, relevant, and useful content pieces relating to the pandemic to serve insurance professionals and their clients. These resources served multiple purposes. The helped educate insurance professionals on the latest legislation and guidelines surrounding COVID-19, and they also provided insurance professionals with tools, resources, and educational pieces they could pass along to their clients—other businesses /employers—and the employers could pass along to their staff.”

“2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to many businesses and people within the TrustRadius community and globally. It’s also given many the opportunity to demonstrate their service to those same communities,” said Megan Headley, Vice President of Research at TrustRadius. “We’ve seen reviewers praise a wide array of products and software vendors for how they have supported users through the pandemic, including a rapid transition to remote work, navigating challenging financial circumstances, and setting users’ minds at ease. In an environment that has emphasized hardship and loss for much of this year, it’s affirming to see how members of our community and industry strive to lend a helping hand where they can.” 

Megan Headley, Vice President of Research at TrustRadius

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