How to improve visibility and reach more in-market buyers on TrustRadius

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March 5, 2024
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How to improve visibility and reach more in-market buyers on TrustRadius

TrustRadius Profile Optimization Checklist

Why optimize your profile on TrustRadius?

Driving reviews on TrustRadius is just one piece of the profile optimization puzzle. Similar to a search engine, TrustRadius’ algorithm awards vendors that add a wealth of fresh, relevant content to their product listings. This information helps in-market buyers find your listing, engage with your page, and ultimately accelerates the decisioning process–it’s a win for everyone!

By optimizing your profile on TrustRadius, you can expect the following benefits:

  • More pageviews 
  • Increased intent signals 
  • More leads 
  • Qualification for TrustRadius awards, including Top Rated Awards
  • More review content for sales and marketing usage
  • Better visibility on category rank pages vs. your competitors
  • Increased visibility on Google SERPs 

To optimize your profile on TrustRadius, follow the steps below:

Optimization Checklist

Step 1: Complete your profile

  • Have a robust product description (500 words +)
  • Add pricing to your product listing
  • Add a product demo to your product listing
  • Add product screenshots to your product listing
  • Add free trial information to your product listing
  • Add a product video to your product listing
  • Add security information to your product listing

How do I update my product listing?

To update your listing, log in to the Vendor Portal, click on Product Listing or Company Listing, located on the right side of your screen. Once you have made all your updates/edits, click on Review and Submit.

Step 2: Turn on lead gen capabilities

  • Add lead form capture directly from your product profile*
  • Add CTA button that takes buyers to your website or to book a meeting*

*Demand capture options only for TrustRadius customers

How do I add a lead gen form or contact CTA? Read here.

Step 3: Drive unbiased, fresh review content

  • Source reviews on your own with custom review link
  • Have TrustRadius source reviews for you (review-as-a-service). Including list management, incentive delivery, event review sourcing support, review refreshes*

Where do I find my custom review link? Click here.

*Review generation service is for TrustRadius customers only. If you are a customer and want to launch a campaign, talk to your CSM.

Step 4: Ensure you have a healthy trScore

  • Do not cherry pick your reviews – source an unbiased sample size
  • Submit a Trusted Analysis

What’s a Trusted Analysis? As a TrustRadius customer, you can request an audit from our research team that evaluates how your reviews were sourced, if they are truly unbiased, and overall impact on your trScore.

Step 5: Qualify for TrustRadius Awards

  • Qualify for Top Rated Awards

How do I qualify for awards? Learn about awards qualification criteria, dates, and more, on our awards calendar.

How did we create this optimization criteria, you might ask?

TrustRadius’ optimization criteria wasn’t created on a gut feel. Each year, we survey thousands of technology buyers via our global network to better understand their evolving preferences. 

In the 2023 B2B Buying Disconnect, the high-level theme in the survey results was that buyers want more transparency surrounding your product’s capabilities, pricing, security information, and a whole lot more. Unsurprisingly, they also want any and all claims backed up by social proof, relying heavily on third-party validation in the form of user reviews to feel confident in their purchase. See below.

The top 5 buyer resources include:

  • Product demos
  • User reviews
  • Your own prior experience
  • Free trials/ accounts
  • Your website 

Additionally, we asked them the top three things vendors can do to make them more likely to buy from you, and the top three things you do that make them less likely to buy.

More likely to buy:

  • Demo or trial available
  • Pricing available
  • User reviews

Less likely to buy:

  • Software pricing not available
  • Vendor not responsive
  • Lack of user reviews

We hope this information gives you a solid understanding of key tactics for profile optimization and the data-backed reasons why buyers are looking for this information TrustRadius. By taking these steps you can ensure elevated visibility on and off TrustRadius and more interaction from buyers researching your solution.

Want more supporting data?

Check out our 2024 B2B Disconnect Infographic and Key Takeaways

Have additional questions about profile optimization?

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