Congrats to the 2024 TrustRadius TRUTH Award Winners

Blake McAdow
March 8, 2024

Congrats to the 2024 TrustRadius TRUTH Award Winners

The TrustRadius TRUTH Awards Ceremony is an annual company tradition highlighting the people that embody our core values. Award recipients are nominated by their peers with examples and justification of the nomination that relates to one of our core values: Transparent, Respectful, Unstoppable, Team Player, and Human. Then, the Executive team reviews the nominations and determines the final recipients based on the examples provided, the quantity of nominations received, and the impact of the examples cross-functionally. These awards have become the highlight of our annual company kick-off event over the years, and individuals are celebrated in various ways throughout the year.

“I love these awards. Our core values were determined several years ago by a group of employees and have been embraced in our culture ever since. When we present these awards, they are more than just accolades. Each award not only recognizes outstanding individuals, but also reinforces that our core values have been woven in as the fabric of our culture and embodied in daily work. To these recipients, our core values are not just words; they are the only way to do business.”

— Jamy Conrad, TrustRadius VP of People

2024 Winners

T.R.U.T.H. Winner – Embodies all our core values day in and day out

Katie Pariseau, Director of Field Enablement

“Being in Field Enablement at TrustRadius means I get to work with almost everyone at the company and that is exactly how I like it. That’s because the people at TrustRadius at every level are smart, passionate, fun, and innovative. I know it might sound cliche, but it’s 100% true.”

Transparent – We’re transparent in everything—with our site visitors, our customers, and each other.

Melissa Kelly, Director of Customer Success and CS Operations

“TrustRadius is a great place to be. Every day I engage with a talented team that has a strong passion for what we do and for our customers. I’m so proud to be able to be a part of this first class team!”

Respectful – Truth drives every business decision, so every voice matters

Tanner Judge, Senior Product Manager

“One of the things I love the most about working for TrustRadius is that TrustRadius is a place where you can learn every day and evolve in your career. It is great to work for a company that allows you to grow and recognizes and celebrates that growth.”

Unstoppable – When we’re changing the world, we work fast and lean

Taylor Hawkins, Senior System Admin Infosec Engineer

“I am greatly humbled by the recognition I’ve been awarded through my endeavors working here at TrustRadius. The support structure and culture that has been cultivated by the people that form this organization is simply splendid, and it makes working at TrustRadius really quite lovely.”

Team Player – No one can do it alone, so we support our team and win together

Art Pierce, Enterprise Account Executive

“TrustRadius is an extremely supportive place to work. Everyone is rooting for each other to succeed individually, so we can succeed as a company. It is a great culture, and I am proud of what we are doing.”

Human – In a software-driven world, truth isn’t just an algorithm. Humans make truth happen.

Kaylin Gilkey, Director, SEO & Engagement

“You probably end up spending more time with your coworkers than any family members or friends while you’re in the middle of your career building years. For that reason, I have always found it important to bring the human aspect to interactions with coworkers as often as possible. The TrustRadius team is supportive of their employees in their professional and personal lives when needed and for that reason I’m thankful to work with incredible teammates who inspire me and bring joy to my life.”

Congratulations to this year’s TRUTH Award winners. You help make TrustRadius a better company.

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