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TrustRadius 2021 Tech Cares Award Recipients

Harry Lees
October 6, 2021
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TrustRadius 2021 Tech Cares Award Recipients

TrustRadius today awarded 100 Tech Cares awards to technology companies that have gone above and beyond to support their communities. The key areas of social corporate responsibility were:

  • Volunteerism
  • Robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs
  • Charitable donations and fundraising
  • Workplace culture, including model support for in-office and remote employees
  • Demonstrable support for environmental sustainability

While 2020 saw the rise of the pandemic, 2021 saw communities around the world struggling in its evolution and aftermath. The tech world saw companies step up and take an active role in the continued recovery and broader support of their communities. Tech Cares seeks to recognize this sense of community loyalty, devotion, and compassion.

How the Winners were Selected

Companies were nominated based on acts of volunteerism, diversity, and more. The broader community also had the power to highlight specific programs for recognition. Anyone could nominate a company, including their own, as long as a company is a B2B tech company that has a presence on TrustRadius they could be nominated.

The research team at TrustRadius individually vetted each nominee to ensure that their actions met our standard for acts of community service and social responsibility.

After vetting each potential winner, TrustRadius is proud to announce these 101 recipients of the 2021 Tech Cares award. Check out some of the winners and their impressive corporate social responsibility programs. 


A fast-growing software vendor, this company routinely makes its customers’ lives easier with its innovative software. In their broader communities, the company outlines many of the tenants of this year’s Tech Cares Awards. The company boasts strong commitments to diversity and inclusion, supporting Pride groups as well as those for women and veterans. 


A company frequently used during the pandemic, LogMeIn has taken steps to not only empower their communities but allow their employees to do the same. LogMeIn allows employees 2 days off per year for the specific purpose of volunteering. Combined with their employee charitable gift matching,  it is easy to see how this organization earned its Tech Cares Award.


From monetary donations to hours of community service, we are dedicated to making a positive impact. We have hosted pet adoption drives, donated to local animal shelters, collected supplies for schools in need, raised awareness of Red Nose Day, raised money for breast cancer awareness and research, hosted numerous blood drives, helped build houses with Habitat For Humanity, and more. The Knowsters are also dedicated to caring for the environment and our planet.


This is another example of a company using its product in its commitment to social responsibility. Dialpad partnered with Charity: Water to work on their outdated systems to improve their capability to provide clean water to over 20 countries. 


A company well known for harnessing the power of its community in professional settings, Hubspot uses its influence for broader social responsibility as well. The company provides significant discounts to nonprofits. Hubspot shows a commitment to the power of information in informing conversations of diversity with its annual reports on the state of diversity and inclusion.


Another place that uses data to show its community dedication, 90% of Gong employees say the company has a commitment to diversity. The company has made strong investments in paid leave and DEI programs, showing their broader commitment to genuine, actionable responses. 


One of the larger companies on this list, Sage shows its influence with a whole host of programs that support the Tech Cares values. Another company that shows information can prove commitment, they publish impact reports of their charitable and community service work. In the pandemic, these have shown to be particularly useful.


During the Black Lives Matter protests, this company did more than simply release statements or ignore the issue altogether. The CEO asked the team to reflect, giving the entire company a personal day on Juneteenth. 

A team was created to examine what could be done by Chorus to make a genuine difference in the BIPOC and tech communities as a whole. After engaging with DEI leaders, they formed Project Choir. Partnering with Us in Technology, the program seeks to create real internship opportunities to help build work experience and networks for BIPOC individuals.

See all of the Tech Cares Winners below:

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