Announcing the 2023 Most Loved Awards

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Becky Susko
February 13, 2023
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Announcing the 2023 Most Loved Awards

Fasten your sweet belts, friends. Love is in the air as we celebrate the products getting the most admiration on TrustRadius. For the fifth year in a row, we’ve used our advanced award-selection process and data-driven formulas such as “loveCount,” “loveDensity,” and “lovePercentile” to measure customer satisfaction and affection for various vendors.

We know it’s hard to quantify love, but with the help of our advanced award-selection process, we’ve identified some of the most beloved products on our site. Donning a TrustRadius Most Loved Award badge symbolizes customer-approved excellence that can be displayed on a website and in marketing materials.

We’re thrilled to announce the 100 winners of the 2023 Most Loved Award, listed below. These products have stood out among the rest for their ability to inspire devotion and admiration from their users. We are confident these are products you can trust to love. And for your convenience, we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the top five winners for you here.

23 Most Loved Flat Badge

Top 5 Most Loved Products of 2023



Jotform is at the top of our Most Loved list. The reason the form builder is getting all the love? Ease of use, garnering an 8.9/10 product usability score. Customer after customer notes the ease of setting up forms, the organization of the app, and the ability to share with outside parties. One reviewer even writes, “It’s so easy a caveman could use it.”

“I’ve been using this platform for a few days now and I absolutely love it! It has so many templates already set to use, plus they are all customizable. If you are in need of a tracker for applicants or even giveaway submission forms, I highly recommend that you give Jotform a try!”

Keia Black / Social Media Manager
MD GLAMCosmetics / 1-10 employees


Mixmax made its mark on TrustRadius in 2022, earning a coveted Top Rated award to showcase on its profile. The sales engagement platform designed for Gmail users helps accelerate the revenue cycle with the goal of improving the customer’s overall journey. Why are customers raving? Mixmax helps vendors keep communication open during the sales process with ease, ensuring sales teams never miss another lead opportunity.

“Mixmax is great to keep track of customers’ communication, when to follow up and when they’re more responsive. This is conveniently included within the email provider (added as an extra email in the thread). I use the app on a daily basis for templates creation, any edits related, and to share them with the team; the templates resource also comes with metrics which is amazing for team alignment and for workflow updates.”

Federica Bua / Branding and Payment Specialist
Worksuite (formerly Shortlist) Computer Software / 51-200 employees


We live in the world of the cloud and every vendor needs a reliable digital asset management system. pCloud has been winning over the hearts of customers, earning Top Rated and Best of awards on TrustRadius so it’s no surprise it scored a Most Loved honor. The primary reason for the admiration is definitely its security capabilities. And if you have compliance to maintain, pCloud can help ensure all your privacy needs are met.

“I have used pCloud’s public folder to share files with clients. It’s great that pCloud can do more than just share a link, but can set up a landing page where clients can view these links. These pages can be customized with our logo. It looks much more professional than just a simple link. Using pCloud’s virtual drive saves hard drive space on my laptop so I can have more files easily accessible.”

Calvin Sue / Researcher
Himalive (Education Management / 1-10 employees

VeriDoc Sign

Digital signatures are becoming more of the norm today, and VeriDoc Sign is the blockchain-secured eSignature solution for many of today’s top vendors. With the future of the Metaverse on the horizon, blockchain will become more commonplace to enhance digital data security. We love seeing this app gain traction to help vendors with their digital signature needs. 

“My company uses VeriDoc to send and sign documents such as updates to employee contracts, parent volunteer agreements, and more. We transitioned from using DocuSign to this platform within the last year. We have some staff that works from home due to various reasons, so having a platform where we can send and sign electronic documents safely and securely is highly important.”

Verified User / Employee in Other
E-Learning Company / 51-200 employees

Salesforce CMS

Salesforce users absolutely love this hybrid CMS that allows users to author content once and deliver it anywhere. It’s the perfect compliment to Salesforce’s core CRM offering, especially if you’re looking to get everyone on the same page. Customers love the app for its multiple integrations, ease of use, and ability to track customer engagements–just to name a few.

“It helps solidify our content and keeps things clean and organized. I love its ability to allow our end-users to collaborate in the creation, editing, and production of digital content such as web pages, and blog posts. This brings team synergy and allows us to get a lot more tasks done as a team overall.”

Sam Lat / Account Executive
Thumbtack / Internet, 501-1000 employees

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