Avalara Uses Premium Content to Boost Ad Engagement & Campaign Performance

Avalara Uses Premium Content to Boost Ad Engagement & Campaign Performance

Avalara’s Business Hurdle

Live events and tradeshows are a key way Avalara’s marketing team connects with customers and new prospects, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, events were suddenly out of reach. Avalara needed new ways to engage with prospective customers, particularly in the digital space. 

Courtney Wendel-Stevenson, Avalara Sr. Manager of Community Strategy, partnered with TrustRadius to test Premium Content in Avalara’s digital advertising channels. Premium Content is a set of assets, from case studies and infographics to social ads, curated and designed by TrustRadius. Since these assets can be deployed without designer or internal resources, Courtney and Avalara’s paid digital team were able to more quickly release new ads with minimal effort.

Example of a high performing Avalara ad featuring a quote from a TrustRadius review.
Example of a high performing Avalara ad featuring a quote from a TrustRadius review.

Avalara’s Results

TrustRadius Premium Content outperformed Avalara’s standard engagement benchmarks and exceeded campaign goals. For the social and display ads and landing pages, they saw:

  • 2X Average CTR  (click-through rate)
  • 66% decrease in CPC (cost per click)
  • 5% Engagement rate on ad landing pages

Avalara’s LinkedIn ads performed so well that their LinkedIn account manager highlighted the high CTRs and performance improvements in a quarterly business review.

Why did the ads perform so well? One theory is because they looked different from what buyers were used to seeing from Avalara. The best performing ads included star ratings, customer quotes, TrustMaps, and the TrustRadius brand, which leveraged the power of peer validation and the voice of the customer.

What’s Next? 

Working with TrustRadius to test out Premium Content was a success. Courtney and the Avalara team are now planning to test TrustRadius’ category targeting, a True Intent data offering.

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Avalara’s Review Program

  • 224 Customers on the record
  • 439 Tagged quotes for sales & marketing
  • 7,500 Pageviews since Q1 2019
Avalara TRScore

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Avalara helps businesses of all sizes get tax compliance right. In partnership with leading ERP, accounting, ecommerce, and other financial management system providers, Avalara delivers cloud-based compliance solutions for various transaction taxes, including sales and use, VAT, GST, excise, communications, lodging, and other indirect tax types. Headquartered in Seattle, Avalara has offices across the U.S. and around the world.

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Adelle is the Senior Marketing Manager at TrustRadius. Armed with a CMP and 12 years of experience in marketing, she has built marketing event programs at Volusion, Invodo, and Mercedes Benz/ Daimler that focus on storytelling and providing the best user experience possible. At TrustRadius she manages all brand event programs, the customer event support product, as well as customer marketing. When not marketing, she loves woodworking and baking.