Get Recognized for Your Top-Notch Value, Features, and Relationships

Get Recognized for Your Top-Notch Value, Features, and Relationships

TrustRadius values celebrating the best of the best, and has done so for years now. Our Top Rated awards allow the best in a category to boost their status. Trusted awards highlight the commitment to real transparency. Awards are our way of recognizing the best in areas vital to customers. The Best Of Awards celebrate three of the areas that mean the most to customers. These areas are:

  • Best Feature Set
  • Best Value
  • Best Relationships

TrustRadius is celebrating those who have earned a Best Of Award in three of the most vital areas of the customer experience. The top 5 in each category will be determined using data from questions regarding the percentage of respondents who are happy with the product’s Feature Set, Value for Price, Would Buy Again, Implementation Expectations, and Sales and Marketing Promises.

These will help customers cut through the sea of products and allow the best to shine through. Vendors can use these badges to differentiate themselves and show their remarkable scores.

Why should I care?

You have a chance to get recognized for your product’s core strengths that buyers are looking for. If you win, you can use the badge all year long on your site, social media, landing pages, and emails, at no cost. For those that earn it, this is a way to stand above the crowd and demonstrate your exceptional nature.

What do I need to do?

Source 10 new reviews of your product between January 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023. That’s all you need to do to ensure your product is considered for all three awards.

Here is a useful review growth kit to help you in sourcing reviews.

How does it work?

For each category, up to 5 products can win for each attribute. Winners will be selected based on quantitative and qualitative feedback related to the qualities of best value, best relationship, and breadth of feature set.

When is this all happening?

The deadline to meet the review threshold (10 new reviews) is September 30th, 2023. Winners will be announced on November 8, 2023. Winners can use the badge all year long.

How can I use the award if I win?

Awards work best for companies who promote them! TrustRadius winners love to share these awards with their communities, with prospective clients, and with their teams to boost company morale.

We’ve seen vendors display their badges proudly on websites, marketing, and sales collateral, lead generation campaigns, social media, and even a few highway billboards! Some forward-thinking companies have even created celebratory videos to share on social media—those tend to gain 3X engagement.

To help you promote this award, we’ve created a free media kit with easy-to-use templates that will help you spread the word. If you win, we’ll share this with you in your announcement email.

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