How Matillion Uses Customer Voice to Convert

How Matillion Uses Customer Voice to Convert

“Be agile enough to message buyers where they are. it’s nothing new, it’s just good marketing.”

Sonya Hansen, Director of Demand Generation at Matillion

Matillion’s Business Hurdle

Matillion’s Director of Demand Generation, Sonya Hansen, is always looking for ways to drive demand more efficiently. To take her Demand Generation program to the next level,  Sonya explored two hypotheses:

  • Buyers searching for solutions by category are more qualified because they have higher intent.
  • Featuring customer voice on landing pages will build trust and increase conversion.

The Conversion Power of Customer VoiceTo answer these questions, Sonya and her team set out to test both approaches.

The Conversion Power of Customer Voice

To answer these questions, Sonya and her team set out to test both approaches.


First, she set up a remarketing program that targeted buyers who visit key categories on TrustRadius, in hopes that serving a targeted message to buyers researching would result in higher conversion rates.

Dynamic Review Quote Syndication

Second, she created an A/B test featuring the TrustRadius review widget (review syndication) on high converting, high-interest landing pages versus the landing page as is.

Matillion’s Results

With remarketing, Sonya’s team saw a 3x higher conversion rate than typical search and display ads.

After adding reviews to high-interest pages (content syndication), Matillion saw some incredible results:

  • 70% increase in conversion rate
  • 76% decrease in cost per demo

What’s Next?

Moving forward Sonya and her team plan to continue to test and optimize, potentially dabbling in integrating more targeted intent data.

Matillion’s Review Program

  • 61 Customers on the record
  • 267 Tagged quotes for sales & marketing
  • 7,000 Pageviews since Q1 2019
Matillion's TR Score and Top Rated Badge

About Matillion

Matillion is data transformation for cloud data warehouses. Only Matillion is purpose-built for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery enabling businesses to achieve new levels of simplicity, speed, scale, and savings. Trusted by companies of all sizes to meet their data integration and transformation needs, Matillion products are highly rated across the AWS, GCP, and Azure Marketplaces.

Make Your Reviews Count

Are you ready to harness the power of customer voice? The possibilities are limitless when you let your customers sell for you. Sign up for a demo to test out what TrustRadius can do for you.

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