How to Deposition Competitors & Boost Marketing Position With Customer Reviews

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Grace Wells
July 17, 2023
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How to Deposition Competitors & Boost Marketing Position With Customer Reviews

Ensure buyer’s trust with third-party produced and validated case studies, market and competitive assets

Make your reviews your most powerful multi-channel marketing tool with TrustRadius premium content. These third-party authenticated assets establish trust with buyers, highlight your differentiation, and bolster your market position. Harness the voice of your customers and put their influence to work cross-functionally and across multiple marketing channels. Pull internal levers to tie pipeline influence back to asset consumption and tie ROI to your customer voice programs.

What’s TrustRadius premium content?

TrustRadius premium content is a suite of shareable collateral, created and validated by TrustRadius, for you to utilize in your marketing and sales strategy. 

Offerings include:

Why choose TrustRadius premium content?

  • Customer stories – With over 800 categories and 1.2 million monthly visitors, TrustRadius’ research team offers industry-respected expertise and buyer insights. We apply this knowledge in every asset we produce, enabling you to deposition competitors and boost market differentiation through the voice of your customer. 
  • Third-party validation – By utilizing a third-party produced piece of content, you are building trust with your buyers. Today’s buyers see through marketing jargon, and rely on user reviews as a top source along their buyer’s journey*. They’re looking for objective answers. Cut through the clutter and serve buyers the resources they’re looking for. Why do buyers trust us? Read how we vet and validate all review content in our promise to buyers.
  • VIP experience – Is your marketing team’s production queue backed up? Are you working with contract copywriters or pricey agency providers that often miss the mark? Our research team works directly with you to craft a narrative in your premium content asset that supports your goals. Not only do we offer our expertise, we have also streamlined the production turnaround time to just two to three 2-3 weeks pending your approval!
  • Turn VoC into ROI – Take a multi-channel approach to your premium content asset and use internal levers to tie it to ROI. Click here to jump to recommendations on how to leverage our competitive report cross-functionally.

*According to the 2023 B2B Disconnect

Read about each offering and learn how to get started.

Premium Content Suite of Solutions

Customer Story

Our customer stories offer a concise narrative of problems solved and results achieved with your product-all through real reviews and ratings information from your customers. Due to its objective nature, this asset offers more trust and scalability than your typical marketing-produced case study.

Use cases:

  • Churn mitigation
  • Upsell/ Cross Sell
  • Demand Generation
  • Partner and Field Enablement

Shareable Quotes

Sleek, high-impact quotes from your reviews, co-branded for authenticity. Easy-to-share on social channels or embedded in marketing materials (blogs, 1-pagers, pitch decks, email signatures, etc.). 

Use cases:

  • Customer marketing
  • Sales enablement
  • Website resources
  • Partner enablement

Competitive Report

Highlight where your product excels over a competitor through the voice for your customer. Leverage real comparison insights on TrustRadius to deposition your competitor and highlight your differentiation. Our research team will help you emphasize your strengths against market competitors and ensure your strong-suits shine.

Use cases:

  • Demand generation – competitor campaigns
  • Sales enablement 
  • Product marketing tools
  • Partner and field enablement

Market Positioning Report

Utilize TrustRadius’ authority and the power of third-party validation to highlight either your stronghold in the market, or your differentiation compared to other relevant players in your category. The TrustRadius research team will do analysis based on our data to glean insights that support your narrative in a fair and objective way, of course!

Use cases:

  • Demand generation
  • Sales enablement
  • Partner enablement

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