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How Optimizely Used True Intent Data to Close Deals

How Optimizely Used True Intent Data to Close Deals

Jessica Brook customer quote, Optimizely

Optimizely’s Business Hurdle

For their 2019 year-end campaign, Optimizely wanted to boost incoming leads without spending additional budget. Senior Demand Generation Manager Jessica Brook focused on accounts that were further along in the buyer’s journey, which is where TrustRadius’ True Intent data came into play.

Using True Intent & Chatbots to Get Leads

Jessica created an experiment using True Intent data and a Drift book-a-meeting bot to help target high-value accounts. Once the True Intent data was fed into the Driftbot, it would instantly reach out to the targeted accounts that visited Optimizely landing pages. The Driftbot was personalized and asked for a meeting upfront.

Optimizely’s Results

After identifying 176 target accounts from the True Intent data and plugging them into the Drift chatbot, Optimizely saw incredible results:

  • 11 meetings booked
  • 4 sales accepted leads
  • 1 closed-won deal with a 24-hr sales cycle

What’s Next?

For Optimizely, combining the targeting power of True Intent data with the Driftbot’s ability to catch prospects at exactly the right moment resulted in an accelerated sales cycle. Optimizely plans to continue and expand this experiment using their own solutions in conjunction with Drift to A/B test.

Optimizely’s Review Program

  • 383 Customers on the record
  • 221 Tagged quotes for sales & marketing
  • 11,253 Pageviews since Q1 2019
  • 19% Share of audience in A/B
  • Testing category
Optimizely TR score and Top Rated badge with logo

About Optimizely

Optimizely is the world’s leader in Progressive Delivery and Experimentation. Its platform includes technologies for modern software development, such as feature flags, A/B testing at scale, AI-powered personalization, and streaming analytics.

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Adelle is the Senior Marketing Manager at TrustRadius. Armed with a CMP and 12 years of experience in marketing, she has built marketing event programs at Volusion, Invodo, and Mercedes Benz/ Daimler that focus on storytelling and providing the best user experience possible. At TrustRadius she manages all brand event programs, the customer event support product, as well as customer marketing. When not marketing, she loves woodworking and baking.