Announcing the 2023 Top Rated Award Winners

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Becky Susko
May 9, 2023
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Announcing the 2023 Top Rated Award Winners

The buying experience today is overwhelming. Oversaturated technology markets make it difficult to know which product solves which problem and which will be the best fit. With over 30,000 SaaS companies today, it’s difficult for buyers to evaluate the varying features, integrations, security requirements, and how it will fit into your current tech stack. So, to help buyers make confident decisions, we’re revealing the winners of the 2023 Top Rated Awards.

Earning a Top Rated Award means you’re one of the most trusted, reliable vendors on TrustRadius, according to the people who matter most—your customers. Winning this award not only earns you all the bragging rights, but winners materially gain 90% more visibility, on average, for their product profiles. This means more prospective buyers viewing your profile and being influenced by your customers’ feedback.  

Top Rated status increases credibility. Here’s why.

  1. Buyers know Top Rated Awards have to be earned. TrustRadius is 100% unbiased, and this award is the true voice of your customers’ sentiment toward your product. Every user review is verified with stringent fraud protection. The trScore metric corrects for bias and can’t be manipulated, unlike vanity awards.
  2. It’s chosen by customers, not by an ivory-tower analyst. The metrics that drive Top Rated Awards (recency, relevancy, and rating) reflect what customers care about—not a one-size-fits-all analyst report. 

How to qualify for a Top Rated Award

It’s never too early to get award-ready. If you’re vying for a Top Rated Award in 2024, here’s what you need to know to become qualified: 

  • Reach 10+ new reviews by next year’s deadline
  • Achieve a traffic volume of .5% or higher in your category
  • Earn a trScore of 7.5 or higher from your reviews

TrustRadius awards attract eyes and build confidence

On average last year, our award winners earned nearly six million views for product profiles on our site. 

“When a product earns Top Rated status, buyers feel more confident to give them a try. We don’t play favorites. These awards are genuinely earned from positive customer feedback that’s not only relevant to the industry but also recent,” said Vinay Bhagat, TrustRadius Founder, and CEO. 

Earning a Top Rated Award means the vendor has excellent customer satisfaction and proven credibility. It’s based entirely on reviews and customer sentiment. There is no paid placement or analyst opinion. 

“Many software companies struggle to communicate their points of differentiation with the buyer. The goal of our awards is to show the products that are most preferred, but also explain why,” said Becky Susko, TrustRadius, Marketing Program Manager of Awards.

Over 60,000 reviews were analyzed and 1,695 awards were given across 547 categories to bring you this year’s Top Rated products. Starting this week, the 2023 Top Rated Award winners’ TrustRadius product profiles and category pages will begin displaying badges. 

Check out our awards calendar and find out what it takes to qualify. If you need support creating a killer review generation strategy, get in touch with a TrustRadius expert today.

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becky susko headshot | TrustRadius
Becky Susko
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