TrustRadius Announces 8th Annual Top Rated Awards

Kristi Gamboni
May 11, 2022
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TrustRadius Announces 8th Annual Top Rated Awards

TrustRadius is a community where technology users, experts, buyers, and providers share insights to drive better business outcomes. Top Rated Awards were developed eight years ago with the intention of improving transparency across the B2B software industry for both tech buyers and providers. It eliminates biases based on vendor size or clout and allows real users to identify software products that bring the most value to their organizations. 

With this year’s Top Rated Awards program, we assessed a whopping 60,000+ customer reviews and chose software product winners across 501 technology categories. While our annual Top Rated Awards are a special occasion for most, they’re also just an extension of our day-to-day mission, which is to provide a platform where buyers can make confident software purchasing decisions and technology vendors can activate their customer’s voice.

“Our biggest goal is to bring transparency to the market,” said TrustRadius VP of Research, Megan Headley. “By analyzing product use sentiment in conjunction with an algorithm called the trScore, we’re aiming for a truly objective scoring method, eliminating biases or vendor influence on the awards.”

The best part about the Top Rated Awards? We’re putting them together with both sentiment and hard facts in mind, making it the most unbiased scoring system out there. As in past years, we’re leveraging the trScore, which calculates a product’s score based on a weighted average of recent reviews and ratings rather than a simple average. So altogether, we’re scoring based on three ranking data points:

  • Rating – Products need a trScore of 7.5 or above
  • Recency – Products must have 10 or more new or updated reviews within the past 12 months
  • Relevancy – Products must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic volume in that category 

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