Ready to Play in the Sandbox With New TrustRadius and TestBox Partnership?

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Ashley Streichert
May 24, 2023
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Ready to Play in the Sandbox With New TrustRadius and TestBox Partnership?

You would never buy a vehicle without a test-drive, right? Most car buyers would not and honestly, the same goes for enterprise technology. 

Virtually 100% of today’s buyers desire a self-serve journey when finding the best SaaS solution for their teams. Demos and free trials remain at the top of buyers’ short lists for resources used to make a decision. That means buyers want hands-on experience test-driving products without having to contact a salesperson or sit through a pitch deck.

So how do you give your buyers what they want without the hassle of complicated trial periods and gatekeeping? 

It’s actually pretty simple. You can increase buyer confidence with zero-hassle sandboxes embedded on your TrustRadius product profile.

TestBox + TrustRadius enables buyers to try before they buy

We partnered with TestBox, a groundbreaking sales tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The app allows software vendors to instantly create fully functional product sandboxes that let your buyers experience exactly what it’s like to use your product on a day-to-day basis.

  • Easily test real, fully functional products without any hurdles
  • Let buyers experience your product before they commit to a sales demo 
  • Deliver a better pre-sales experience 

It’s time to give technology buyers the keys 

In our latest B2B Buying Disconnect report, we discovered that 70% of buyers want easy access to demos or free trials. The easiest way to give them what they want is through our collaboration with TestBox. 

You can embed a fully functional test-drive of your product on your TrustRadius profile, making it easier than ever for prospects to see why it could work for them. 

  • Allow buyers to test-drive your technology in live sandboxes with real data and use cases
  • Help them avoid empty free trials, sales demos, and endless marketing emails
  • Provide a real experience of your tool as if it’s already fully implemented at your prospect’s company

TestBox helps you close more deals through live experiences 

The proof is in the pudding. Our customers who have embedded TestBox into their sales process have increased their win rates and generated massive pipeline.

  • Generate more revenue by giving buyers confidence that your product is what they’re looking for
  • Enjoy faster sales cycles and larger deal sizes 
  • See win rates above 50%

Some of the largest companies in SaaS already rely on TestBox to close more deals faster.

For example, when buyers were provided a TestBox sandbox, Zendesk’s win rate was 20% higher than when leads weren’t provided with a sandbox, and Dixa’s win rate was 250% higher.

Getting started is easy

Fill out the form here and a TestBox representative will be in touch. Once you’re set up, our team will take it from there.

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