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Boosting Hootsuite's SEO and accelerating path to conversion
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Using reviews to improve search rankings

“Our team’s goal was to improve conversion rate and rankings on key pages across the website. We knew other TrustRadius customers were using reviews in the TrustRadius syndication widget to boost SEO KPIs. As a result, our team prioritized placing the syndication widget and we saw increases in clicks, impressions, and CTA engagement! We’re excited to expand customer reviews across more pages on our website.”

Margaret Kapitany
Pipeline Marketing Programs Specialist

Boosting Organic Traffic

Increase organic traffic and rank for keywords to accelerate path to conversion on key webpages like pricing and packaging


  • Generated high quality reviews from customers on TrustRadius
  • Embedded keyword heavy customer quotes from reviews to pricing and packaging pages that increase traffic and brand trust
  • Keywords allowed “/plans” page to rank higher for “hootsuite cost” and “hootsuite pricing,” resulting in higher URL clicks, impressions, and CTR across the “/plans” page.

TrustRadius SEO and Discoverability Playbook

Stand out on TrustRadius

Increase your visibility on TrustRadius and outrank your competition with consistent sourcing of quality in-depth review content.

How to ask your customers for quality reviews
Increase Discoverability & Conversion

Syndicate review content on organic and paid landing pages to improve SEO and increase conversion rate.

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Increase Keyword Rankings and CTR on Google

Increase keyword rankings on your own website through content syndication. Increase CTR in search engines with TR Google Stars.

7 ways to leverage reviews
Decrease Bounce Rate, Increase On-Page Engagement

By using the TrustQuotes for Web syndication widget, you will increase your time on-page, increase scroll-depth, and have the ability to deliver personalized content.

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Find and win more in-market buyers

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