UserGems: “Prove it or lose it”

How to turn risk-averse prospects into buyers in a difficult market

From 2022 to 2023, 87% of technology buyers have adjusted their buying process to ensure only mission-critical, ROI-producing products are being purchased. There’s also been a shift in how many decision-makers are involved in that process, with 27% of buyers saying decision-making committees have increased due to the current economy. But, software purchases haven’t stopped. Understanding how to reach buyers with the right information they need to justify spending has never been more important. In this session, industry experts from UserGems, iCIMS, and TrustRadius, explore the current, risk-averse B2B marketplace, and how companies can adapt for the win.

Watch to learn:

  • What matters most to risk-averse buyers when reviewing vendors
  • How executives are making purchase decisions in today’s economy
  • How to adapt to the new buyer mindset and win more deals

 Our Speakers

John Routhier

SVP Revenue, Healthcare iCIMS

John is an executive and operator with 20+ years of leading strategy, sales and marketing teams, along with GTM strategy for SaaS companies.

Trinity Nguyen

VP of Marketing and Account Development, UserGems

Trinity is a B2B marketer with 10+ years of experience go-to-market strategy, product marketing, demand generation, and account-based marketing.

Megan Headley

VP of Research, TrustRadius

Megan leads Research at TrustRadius, whose mission is to ensure TrustRadius delivers high quality, useful and, above all, trustworthy user feedback to help prospective software buyers make more informed decisions. Before joining TrustRadius, Megan was Director of Sales and Marketing at Stratfor, where she was in charge of growing the company’s B2C revenue stream through email marketing and other channels. She enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking.